My New Mustang!!

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  1. After searching for the perfect fox body, I picked this one up last Thursday night:

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    I took it out and drove it Saturday. I got stuck in a small rain shower. I pulled it into the garage to dry it off. I noticed a little smoke coming out of the hood. My friend Jeff told me to call 911 that my car was on fire and to get water. I ran in the house and called. I tried to get the hose for water, but I had shut the water off to the hose because it had been below freezing outside . It just went up in a matter of minutes. I got in front of the car and helped him push it clear of the garage. When I jumped in the car to put it in gear, black smoke was rolling into the car through the vents. We couldn't get the hood open, because it was so hot and melting. He did manage to get the hood pins out, but the fire department are the ones that actually got it open to put the fire out. All we could do was sit there and watch it burn until the fire department could get there.

    The cause of the fire was a faulty battery with a manufacturer defect. Here are pics of it now and the battery:

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    This is from the inside of the car before we could get the hood open. The Cowl hood acted like a blow torch and melted the windsheild
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  2. Holy mary mother of :eek: :eek: :eek:
  3. $10K of damage. I am going to try and get the battery company to fix it. I fell in love with the car the second I drove it.

    I am so sick to my stomach about the car. I can't even look at it. I pushed it back in the garage and closed the door until the investigators show up next week.
  4. I feel so bad for ya man... i would throw up everywhere if that happened to my car.
  5. Yeah... That's got "attorney" written all over it. Threaten the battery maker via the news media. Tell them they fix it or goes to television. Seriously.

    Sorry to see that man glad you're alright :(
  6. I do feel sick to my stomach everytime I look at the cars or the pics of it.

  7. And we were supposed to know that how? :lol:

    Either way, that completely sucks.. can i have your interior? :D (just trying to make ya laugh a little here)
  8. your problems make me forget about mine :eek:

    Truely sorry bro...
  9. :bang: Sorry!!! I saw the pic and you said "my friend jeff" so I assumed.

    Welcome to :SNSign:
  10. All I want is my car fixed. I don't want to have to sue them. I don't want another Stang, I want that one. It is a big name racing battery company too. :nonono:

  12. I can understand that. i have had my 91 stang since 94, and have had several offers from people to buy it, and ive been tempted, but just cant sell my baby. And the battery you had (optima) did have some defects a while back.. it will probably prove to be difficult to say the battery caused it though... theres nothing left for proof
  13. :worthlesb

  14. Damn, it took you till post 13? i figured you would have asked in post 2 :lol:
  15. How did they conclude it was the battery? Was it just determined that this was the point of origin, or was there evidence of a defect?
  16. If your a woman I dont or cant have.. then ur a bro. Sorry, but thats the way it is :rolleyes:

  17. Mustang owners usually treat each other as family, so take it as a compliment :nice:
  18. If you look at the picture of the melted battery, there is a cell missing. There are supposed to be six. You can only see 5. That is where the fire started. The investigator told me that the only way the cell would be totally gone is if it was a manufacturer's defect. It leaked, melted itself and in turn started the fire.
  19. Ehhh... i dont see why a little duct tape and spray paint wouldnt fix that right up :nice:
  20. :mad: Oh, and no you can't have my interior. It is brand new.

    I plan on fixing it.