My New Mustang!!

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  1. Youre laughin, but i swear evey time i work on my car and run into problems, i get drunk in the garage. Im anxious to see how this turns out when i finally sober up :D
  2. I know how you feel. I want to pimp slap my car most of the time.

  3. Have you ever had a problem working on it.. got so mad, that you think of ways you can hurt the cars feelings? ok, maybe im saying too much.
  4. :shrug: No...
  5. I have a feeling, I will be drinking very heavily before my car is back the way I want it.

  6. No reason not to get started early! *Passes GT a brew*
  7. Wow, someone sees it the same way I do.

    We haven't even started on defacing Capris yet :eek: j/k, I know you didn't do it. :D
  8. where in charleston are you???!?!?!!

  9. yeah thats how it gose here..well without the beer i just take a break then come back and get to with polishing the wheels in my supercoupe...what a pain in the ass....
  10. <echo> Helllllo
  11. Hello.
  12. Where the hell is everyone today? :shrug:
  13. I'm in and out.

  14. No, you are NOT alone on that one....
  15. *crawls out from under deak*

  16. im here

    *jumps out from behind door* HERE I AM... i was trying to close on a house all day. but im back now trying to type up a flow sheet and figured i would come harass you some more. whatcha been up to today?
  17. Dealing with more and more crap with the car fire :mad:

  18. expected:rolleyes: did i tell you i got me black interior donor car or im gonna get it this weekend.
  19. Why, yes, yes you did :D CONGRATS, Now you can leave me alone about mine:D
  20. NEGATIVE, the console in this one is all burnt up from looks like cigarette ashes so im after that now. i will take some pictures of the burns so you can identify the cause. im sure your good at that by now.