My New Mustang!!

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  1. :eek: that was a low blow....
  2. Yes it was.
  3. No, not really. My BRAND NEW BLACK INTERIOR is flawless. Don't be a hater. :D
  4. Eh, I just consider the source. :D
  5. I hope to redo my interior black someday but, I won't be begging anyone for theirs. LOL
  6. Black FTW :D

    Some guy tailgated me for three blocks. So, I turn right at the light, proceeded to go right the next road. The guy honks at me, I continue on. I then take a left into a parking light, he continues to tailgate me. To the point I feel very unconfortable. I increase speed, he increases speed. I do a loop through the parking lot, he continues to follow. At which point, I've feeling overwhelming unconfortable, the guy clearly has an issue with me. I pull my pistol out from underneath my seat and slide it underneath my left leg, and pull into a parking space. I open my door half way and sick my head out and ask him what his problem is...

    Him: Do you work here?!(Broken english, middle eastern decent)
    Me: No. What's your problem?!
    Him: Do you work here?
    Him: You can not turn right there!
    Me: The signs shows you can make right turns!!!!
    Him: I'm calling security. Why are you driving fast?
    Me: You're tailgating me!!!

    He then takes off. ****in' people :nonono:

    Alright. I'm done. How's everyone day? :D
  7. I hate people. :notnice:
  8. I do too. Immensely.

    (Did I spell that right?? Looks funny)
  9. Yes that is right.
  10. I don't even like people in my car. Not only does it weigh the car down, but they also wanna talk to me. (Shudder smilie goes here ).
  11. parts

    now that was a low blow.:( i aint begging im just asking a bunch of times. there is a difference..... i think.:shrug: and i go an idea for the small burns on mine. im gonna fill them with plastic epoxy and sand them all down ther real small so maybe they wont be noticed. and GTSETGO the car i bought as the interior donor has a good hood and all the parts up front if you plan on redoing yours insted of buying a new one let me kow might can send ya some stuff.
  12. Awww, that is so sweet. :p Thank you.
  13. Same here. LOL Seriously. :SNSign:

  14. Was it? I'm sorry. :( :D
  15. Count me for someone thats NEVER buying an optima battery now. I dont care if they've improved or only a certain number were defective. F that. Ill stick to sears batteries. They last.
  16. Hey I see you're in Cincinnati, I'm up near Cleveland, and a member of Buckeye Stangs (huge mustang club). If you need help fixing or doing anything with the stang let me know, I can swap in a big block too if you want lol. Beautiful fox though (before the GD FIRE)

    I also work at a mustang peformance shop/restoration, etc. So i can look for a GT, we have a few LXs but i see you want a GT.
  17. I just wanted to add...

    :rlaugh: :rlaugh:

    Wow, who has two thumbs and it late for the party? *points thumbs at self* THIS GUY!

    Sorry to hear of your tradgedy. I hope everything works out for you.

    Oh, and've got issues, dude. Seriously. But keep up the good work! :nice: