My New Mustang!!

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  1. Yes, I have been a member for a very short time, and I already know he has issues :shrug:
  2. :(
  3. No more than I.
  4. Awww, I'm sorry. :eek:
  5. Oh, I forgot about this.....:mad: Maybe I am not :D
  6. w....t.....f.....

    are you? are you really?
  7. Oh crap. Sorry. I am REALLY sorry. BK is the one with issues :D :shrug:
  8. For now. Until he bothers me about wanting my black interior. Actually, I think that is just BK now.
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  10. WTF

    oh i see i leave for a few hours and the backstabing starts:mad: i said i didnt want your extra crispy dash anymore, in fact i offered you FREE parts to help fix yours. Words cannot express my anger. now i actually see the pure incompetence, arrogance, ineptitude, and condescension displayed by GTSETGO. It is reprehensible, inexcusable, and indefensible that such things where said behind my back. I find it appalling that :SNSign: allows such slander within its pages, these actions are deplorable, disruptive to lives and as a result i request GTSETGO be banned from the boards.

    SIKE (picture a 4th grader yelling that):D
    na im cool with it. i just couldnt immediately defend myself caus ei was out on business, but im back. did i miss anything?
  11. Great use of a thesarus :D I kid. You know I am only joking. Just for the record. My dash is not crispy. Neither is anything else behind the firewall. :D Now, in front of the firewall is another story. :lol:
  12. She will NOT be banned! :mad:

    I will be all alone again... :(
  13. Thank you!! :D
  14. +1 I'm not wearing a woman's wig for franky anymore
  15. Who's getting bant? I hope it's not me.:(