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  1. Well after having about 10'000 bucks in the bank last year, and now im down to 4'000(2,000 according to my parents im taking money out for the tranny LOL). I o about 3,000 here and there. I,ve decided to let my mom control my spending. I waste money on stuff i dont even know were it goes. some goes to my car, and thats all i can tell. i know i have not put that much into my car. well i mean from my savings account. I sold my AR-15 to my friend in the Marines.( im getting out the gun stage, exept for hanguns). My income tax check is gonna be aroung 1000. So i will almost be done with bills. Except for my cell phone bill, car insurance and 200 bucks a month my mom ask from me for help. This adds up to 6,000 a year. Leaving me with 16000 for my pocket.. So i decided just to keep 50 bucks a check a week. Thats for me including gas. adds up to 2600 a year. leaving me with 13,4000 i can save a year. I know i can do this especially with my mom on my back. Wish me luck guys as i will be doing this within 3 months.(Thats how long i think ill pay all my debts). I work on a fixed salary so whether i work or not i get my 404 bucks a week taxes already cut. Now thats not including all the raises i get. So i can save up more. Also thats not including overtime. If i work overtime i get paid under the table(mod money). So hopefully ill be done with my car soon. Im almost done with it to. Its on my sig. what i have left.

    What do you guys think???:nice: or :notnice: idea?
  2. The "something i forgot what its called lol" is extremely important, be sure NOT to forget that part or else nothing else will work right!
  3. i don't know i don't trust anyone with my hard earn cash.
  4. im trying a similar plan to save some money for a house, we'll see how it goes
  5. Respect for you Guero. Mother's know best. Helping her out with $200 a month, is really noble. :nice:
  6. same here.
  7. i'll do it for you less than your mom too. she's taking 200 of your action. I'll only take 150.
  8. It's a good thing to do. I got in a bad habit with my Black car, buying this and that... Money goes easy like that. Good luck!

  9. At the end of the day, i o her alot more than that. She washes my clothes, cleans my room, makes me lunch. I love her. Plus she wil put the money in an bank account and give me receipts. I just wont be able to access the account. I dont think i would want her to actually hold. Not cuz i dont trust her, but when theres money involved there always problems. SO this would be a good way to avoid and bad confratations that are unnecessacery
  10. Woah and here i am spending 200 bucks :bang: . You just to generous!!!! lol!!!1
  11. My wife and I switched to a monthly "allowance" about a year or two ago and it was the best thing we did. We each get $200 a month to spend, this goes for anything we want to buy; food, clothes, etc. Whatever we don't spend we get to keep and save for whatever we want. It eliminated the casual spending and swiping of the ATM card which was nickle and diming us to death. We have saved so much more money now its not even funny, and its great for me as it allows me a method to save for parts for the car.
  12. This is good to hear. Im also going to be at a $200 allowance. Yes nickel and dimming here and there kills you.