My NEW progress thread. stangnet style ;)

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  1. Ok guys and gal i want to thank EVERYONE for there support/ help/ and advice on my last car and on helping me fix this car.

    As most of you know i had a wreck a while back and totaled my 1990 ssp coupe. if not here is the thread. I have tried on 3 different attempts to fix my car but it just wasnt gonna be right. it looked like it was gonna be an easy fix, but the ol' cauley lucked kicked in and guess what, it couldnt. the frame rails appeared to be straight but after carefully measuring the entire front end was 1/2" to the driver side. we put it on a frame alligning and streetching machine and tried to straighten it but it couldnt be pulled straight. So next we drove rebar in the ground tied the body off and used a chain hoist to try and pull it sideways, this only resulted in it pinching one framerail into the firewall and the other staying in place (even with them chained together). so it was at this point i decided to give up.

    after the car was totally disassembled i noticed that my doors wher both broken from the shock of impact. dscn0712df9.jpg

    so now im looking at a body that will never be perfect. buying 2 new doors, a new windshield, a complete front end and knowing it will neve be right.

    here is where i decided to get another car. i found my new car in orlando on craigslist for dirt cheap. so naturally i went and got it. its a 1991 4 banger 5 speed coupe. It shuts up so nice. Has ZERO road noise and drives so nice. its gonna actualy be hard to hack it up. :( NOT :D The interior is in real good shape too. its alot more osund than my 90 ever was or ever will be. The only real problems it had was a messed up bumper cover both fenders where damaged and hood was bent. (hit a deer) and some rust i will show below.

    i forgot to take pics of when i bought it (im trying to get owners to send some). when i got it home the first night i had it the battery dies. i thought oh wel i got another one, and uppon swapping them out i found my first batch of bad luck.
    RUST the battery had busted and apparently had been leaking for quite some time and rusted the end of the frame rail off and part of the core support and part of the apron. i thought this is great now i got to replace this crap anyways.

    So the owrk begins. My body shop guy wayne has a wrecked 89 gt and we uased it for parts. We hacked it up and splice the font end off it to mine. but guess what. more gremlins his frame rail was rusted too. So we cut the one off the 90 coupe and used it. :D and after we got everything on we realized the core support from 89 is differnt from the 90+'s it has those little frame horns to hold the bumper shocks in so we had to cut those off and weld them on too.

    This is the parts car..well sordoff a car
    View attachment 334099

    This is the new 4 abnger coupe


    This is the rusted frame rail. and FYI the is NO rust anywhere else on this car. its the most rust free car ive ever had other than the frame rail part.



    I didnt get any pics of the new core support going on but here she is with better fenders a better bumper better core support and all rust GONE.




    View attachment 334113

    All the body lines are perfect now.

    This is the grafted frame rail. its stronger than it looks. it has angle iron welded inside of it. :nice:

    I know this was kinda quick and there is much detail on everything but if anyone wants to know why i did something or what something is just ask. i will be back on tonight and will try to explain things a littel better and in more detail. i also will try and get more pics up. thanks for the help StangNet. :hail2:

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  2. Lookin good so far!
    I take it you're swapping in the 302, right? What are your entire plans?
  3. right on man!

    your old motor wasnt damaged in the crash was it?
  4. :cheers: lookin great! cant wait to see all the progress as it goes on!
  5. Looking awesome
  6. looks good! from this and previous threads, i've gotta say it looks like you've got a lot of skillz!:nice:
  7. Wow, you dont **** around! Thats a lot of work in a short period of time! Its gunna be one hell of a ride, nice work.
  8. Good to see you are getting someplace with the project. You just cant catch a brake. Good luck. Do you have everything you need?
  9. That was in a weekend as well!!! car drives very nice drives just as good as my notch that has 35k miles. It is a very good base to start off of now..
  10. hey man thats great progress. how is everything else going? did you get your job and stuff sorted out?
  11. yes im swapping the entire driveline form the 1990 coupe. and my plans are to just make it nice and reliable. cant afford to make it any faster right now.

    no nothing was hurt on the engine. well the alternator bracket was broke but slow95gt sold me his. just the body i can use the radiator and condensor form the 4 banger so i should be good to go.

    Yea i try. its was sooo much work. i did it all in a weekend.took all day everyday. busting my balls.

    as stated above when i hit something i hit it hard. the last time i hit something this hard was when i did my 90. i swapped interior from blue to black did a 5 lug conversion swapped engines and went from auto to a manual in about 3 weeks. jus tgot to be persistant

    for the most part yea. im going to need a few odds and ends. but im sure i can go to pick and pull and get them. its going to be a challenge. its nice to be back driving a stang again. at least i have a relaible ride right now. its deff better than bumming a ride form my dad and wife all the time.

    No im stuck doing construction work for my dad. there just isnt enough house sells going on to keep me in buisness. im prolly gonna try to move to tampa this summer when it picks back up.
  12. good to see you worked out your problem, nice project keep it up
  13. Here is a little MSpaint of how we tied in the frame rail.


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  14. Hell yeah man!! Keep it up!
  15. BK--Good job! That is nice to see you'll be back for the spring! Keep the pics coming.....and oh yeah....

    Put a little POR-15 on those framerails, it will look awesome!:D :D :D :rlaugh:
  16. definately need to see more detailed pics i may have to go this route .

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  17. Can't see the pics but congrats :nice: