My NEW progress thread. stangnet style ;)

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  1. sell your soul and finish your car.
  2. id sell mine to have one.
  3. mines almost done yo!! rebuild the trans and put my pedals in and im good!!

    :nice::nice::nice::nice: :D:D:D:D

    Im already betting how long it will take to break lol
  4. yea well as of today my car is getting put on the back burner for a while. Have some personal stuff come up and im not gonna have time to keep working on the car.
  5. BK--Sorry to hear it's gonna be on the back burner, but there is still summer left....oh wait, you're down south, you always have summer!!! in MI, we are limited.... looks frickin good! That motor shot, locked up my index finger, and I couldn't scroll the mouse downward for about 5 minutes!!! Looks awesome!!!!!!
  6. You know bolt cutter would own that chain right?
  7. It took the Fire Department to get through a chain and lock like that on our front gate when we had an after hours fire here at the yard. I doubt someone out in the boonies will have bolt cutters that size.
  8. it would give them a workout. but thats ok becasue i needed the chain off the engine today so i changed the chain out with the grade 80 1/2" link chain i was origanaly gonna use today. and i promise you no one with bolt cutters will cut it.
  9. hey man did he come get the plate?
  10. 1/2"???


  11. yep. i got it off an old abandoned ship in brunswick, GA. it was part of the anchor chain. the anchor was on the bottom and some guys took a torch an dcut off the chain at the water line and i got what was from the water goinginto the boat. i just went inside the hull unbolted it and took it.

    mofo is heavy. thats a 3/8" in the pictures.
  12. Good...I hope it keeps it safe. I hate theives and vandals!!

  13. oh, your a big man when picking on teenagers LOL... :D
  14. Man I want to see pictures! Why did they ditch the anchor?
  15. because not the first one of us could pull it up by hand :shrug:

    the guys where fixing to pull the boat out and sink it for a fish reef and they didnt care about the anchor or the chain. someone had already robbed the ship of its electrical and mechanicals and the chain was let all the way out and bolted to the reel inside.
  16. Sounds like in the "D" around here. Abandon buildings lock down aren't safe against the theives. They still get in there to steal the copp wires and plumbing.

    Kronk Gym is a Nationwide famous boxing gym. It was in a bad area, it was an old place, but a running business, open daily. They got in there weekly to steal the plumbing. The owner was paying 8,000 per month out of his own pocket for repairs! He finally got up outta there and moved to a better area of Detroit.

    Damn crooks! :nonono::nonono:
  17. have a little update. got a few parts in and the car should be running in a few weeks. im hoping to get a new cat back here real soon also.

    anyone want to guess what it will make on the dyno?


    357w with trw forged pistons, 9.5 compression

    Custom grind Lunati cam:
    Advertised Duration (Int/Exh): 285/285
    Gross Valve Lift (Int/Exh): .540/.540
    Duration @ .050 (Int/Exh): 238/ 240

    Trickflow heads with dual valve springs good to .600 lift

    Typhoon 351 lower, edelbrock performer upper

    75mm throttle body

    24# injectors

    BBK swap headers, off road H-pipe

    Ram race clutch, 3.27 gears.