My new project!

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  1. Picked this up last weekend,traded my 93 SSP coupe to another stangneter.It's a 89 saleen clone :( has 03 cobra brakes C/C plate's rear disc,maxium rear upeer and lower,stereo system,all black power,corbeau seats,99 cobra original wheels.It will be powered by my 360w that was in my coupe,I've started all over again on under the hood:





    Some before under the hood and after today's progress:

















  2. Looks great! Keep it up, and bump up the compression on that Windsor motor while it's out!
  3. IF i do anything to the motor i'm converting it to roller and a BIGGER cam. The compression will stay the same cause after i finsh under the hood i'm still piecing together my S475 kit for it! :p My other plans are SFC install my anti roll bar for the rear i made rear diff cover tubular k member and arms and coil over's for the front like my SSP had. This one is gonna be more of a good cruiser/track/show/comfort car,unlike the coupe was more of a drag car.peace

  4. sad to see the coupe go, that this was badass, but your new car looks damn good too! keep us updated with the progress
  5. that was 281ponys car correct? Im sure you both are satisfied, looks like your getting some work done on that thing.
  6. lookin good man, you gonna have that thing out at pir next year?
  7. neither one of you waste any time. looks like you will both be happy with the trade
  8. bad ass!

    that coupe was sick though sad to see it go :(
  9. cha! you know it! but like i said this wont be a drag/street car it will be an all around car!peace

  10. WOW everyone seemed to really like the coupe! Well no sweat! i'll have this one done soon but then again no rush either the rain is due back here soon and like my coupe it wont be driven in the rain. I still have my other coupe tho so best of both worlds huh? still have this coupe tho downsized_05010909361.jpg
    and 1 hatch.Yes this was 281ponys saleen. John is an awsome and very honest guy to work with!If you ever get the chance to buy from him or do some trading top notch guy! well i'll finish this post later i'm trying to down load some pics on here but the dam computer is slow it's doing a virus scan i have set to take place UGH. peace

  11. "neither one of you waste any time. looks like you will both be happy with the trade "

    :shrug: what are you talking about? we have had these cars for almost a week now....

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    thanks for the kind words john. this trade went about as smoothly as it could have. i took the notch around the block again today. broke in the rear tires pretty good. this car is going to be sick with some boost.
  12. Nice progress. Keep 'em coming. :D
  13. spent another 5 hours today. got the side panels welded up made a few extra ones for some other spots also,got them in and welded.



    welded in behind the strut tower on passengerside



  14. so did you guys trade running cars and you just already had the engine pulled before these pics? or did you just trade rolling chassis? i'm confused cause your car has no drivetrain and 281pony just said he drove your old car around the block. what engines do you guys have?
  15. They traded rollers a believe, 281pony already got his drivetrain in the new car though. lol
  16. ohhhh ok lol. thanks for clearing that up
  17. sweet, hopefully I'll have my junk up and running by then so I dont have to just sit and watch :nonono:
  18. cenok is family we just traded rolling cars. i kept my motor trans exhust and radiator and same for john,DNA DOA and i stayed after we delivered my coupe to john and dropped his motor and trans in for him.I didnt see any reason to do the same to the saleen since i was doing the wire hidding and filling the holes in it.Juiced87Notch well you got 6 months to go now that the rain is returning shortly :mad: I should have mine ready to paint end of next week! peace

  19. wow you guys don't waste time! what started this all??