My new project!

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  1. Headers look good, I hope they don't start to brown on you.

    Aren't you the one who fabbed up the intake out of some monster 4in stuff from Lowes or something? Because I need to buy or make one, I converted to mass air and have the old speed density filter setup.
  2. yes it was me.This is a pic of it when it was on my coupe i just got rid of,but when i get to that point on this project witch will hopefully be tomorrow i'll be using it again!I bought 4" black PVC in a 5' stick and also got 4 4" rubber couplings they came with the hose clamps as well as a few 4" elbows. The reason i bought 4" stuff is because my TB is a 90MM (4" dia)


  3. well get to posting then! or to work so you can start a posting! peace

  4. thanks for the motivation ha ha
  5. Did but didnt get much done today. Man trying to make stuff look good and hide stuff is tedious!Took the fans back and got diffrent ones,also picked up a hayden varitable temp switch. Installed the fans, and the hayden thermo switch, just need a few more wires hooked up.Installed the clutch cable,topped off the coolant modified the coil mount and mounted it,put the header gaskets on and i think thats it?





  6. looks like you got quite a bit of room in that engine bay
  7. just as i planned! no cluster ****! and what you are seeing is how it will look when done except the CAI isnt in yet. peace

  8. plenty of room for a turbo kit
  9. yep thats the plan! a 475 will fit perfect! oh yeah 1 more thing before someone says it.i tried to clean the electric fans but the are dirt stained :( so i'm going to remove them and use something tougher on them to clean them.if worst case i'll end up painting them. peace

  10. I'm not on here much but when I stumble across something like this I HAVE to give a big thumbs up, looks great! :nice:

  11. Thanks terry and everyone else! thats a sicks ass GTO i almost traded in both my coupes 2 years ago for one.............Well no pics from today will post and take them monday. I finished the project today minus bolting the hood on. Started (of course) and runs fine! Only problem i ran into is the dam controller for my electric fans :mad: so i'll look at it come mopnday got a party tonight and doing trick or treat with the kids and my girlfriend tomorrow,then sunday gotta do her brakes,oil,plugs on the expi.peace

  12. heres the finished product. just a few touch up spots here and there and i still need to mount the overflow bottle somewhere? then thats it! I'm very very pleased with the results! IF anyone has any negitive things to say or suggestions PLEASE say them! I'm no body guy but i feel it's a preatty good job i've done!




  13. How can anyone critique John? Its amazing!
  14. so the bay is done with the motor in and now i cant rush home after work to check the progress :( :( :( ha ha it looks great man great job
  15. you did all of this in 23 days, that's gotta be a record... killer job man, looks amazing
  16. looks good man.. you need to come patch mine up this winter :D
  17. That's what I was thinking. You know what would make super cool? Get a black rad hold down cover instead of the stock brackets to cover the yop of your rad. That would look killer.
  18. Thats whats nice about being laid off now,cause i've been able to spent everyday for almost 23 days working on this for 8-10 hours a day! My notch took me 2 1/2 months for the reason i was working and i didnt really know what i was doing with it.There was a few days this time around that 16-20 hours was put in cause DNADOA was over helping.Cobra912 where did you get that pic from i'd like more info on it.The gap between the core support and headlight header will be covored with a black piece as well i seen thos in 50resto.I will also figure out some kind of better cleaner for the fans or i'll just pull them and paint them?Also on both fenders i need to retape them and paint my tape line i have there as well as (atleast for now) paint the core support.Thinks everyone to the kind words!My buddy says i need to do these for people and charge them for it :shrug: I would love to quite my job and do my own shop with stuff like this as well as doing mods to well of course mustngs and only foxbody and 94/95 cars! peace