My new project!

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  1. if you start doing body work/painting, let me know. im gonna paint the notch this winter possibly. the interior is mint now, so i want to freshen the white up a bit on the outside.

    i'm gonna have access to a 6-way beadblaster soon that we just got (so sick) so i might utilize that and all my other luxuries and make it pretty too.
  2. There is one on Ebay for about 50 bucks.
  3. Well alittle trouble with the fan controller and found out it's fried :mad: so i'll get a new one hopefully tomorrow.I did get to take it for a test spin around the block.Brakes are spongy i'm assuming do to the rear disc conversion and no proportioning valve? Other then that everything seemed good!It's driveable till it gets hot (cause the fans dont kick on) so till i get the controller i can wash it, reinstall the interior that i took out to run wires,and also do some little touch up under the hood.This has been a very fun project and once the funds are back phase 2 will start! Now i'm looking to see if my buddy with a 90 GT is ready? :D



  4. Use your skills to paint that hood! It's lookin sharp!
  5. Thanks! i might try my skills at it? this guy at my girl friends work does body work for a living on the side,he charges $35 an hour so i might have him fix the cowl and roof and then have him respray the whole car,depends what it will run me?But then i might try my hand/eye at it also :shrug:? I think for now i will just wire the fans to the switch and roll with that for now,i called every where and no one has any controllers left :bang:if and since i might go this route i will just order the DCC or whatever that controller is everyone rathers to use instaed of the type of controller i have. peace

  6. So thats the engine from the coupe right? You parted the coupe? Sorry for the question if its already been said, i didn't read every page :)
  7. yeah its the motor from the coupe. they traded rollers.
  8. 1990Coupe as cenok is family said. Yes we traded everything except for engine trans and radiator and ECM. I found out today it dosent like to start or run to good with no gas :rolleyes: peace

  9. :rlaugh: yea my guages dont work so i wonder how many times it will happen to me when i start driving it
  10. well my gauges work but i was sitting on a slope that leaned to the driverside,and since i was low on gas it all ran to that side of the tank.The pick up is on the passengerside of the tank.I had a guy help me push it so the ass end was slopped down and it started!peace

  11. i wasnt doubting your guages not working in that beautiful car :D
  12. i know this thread is a bit aged but HOLY SCHNIKE!!!!!! that thing came out sweet!

    i'm not asking you to divulge any "ancient chinese secrets" but.........WHERE THE HELL ARE THE ALL OF THE WIRES??????
  13. Thanks,and no secrets! they are tucked up in the fender's. peace

  14. i don't suppose you would have any pics of that do you?? did you fabricate a box of sorts to mount everything in? otherwise it would be exposed to road debris??
  15. What did u end up painting those valve covers with? it looks like some sort of wrinkle finish? :)
  16. Heres a pic of my coupe i did to give you an idea.It wont be exposed to the weather because the wireing is between the fender and inner fender:

  17. nope smooth finish and all it is wrought iron flat black. peace


  18. awesome! thanx for the pic.