My New Ride

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  1. As a contractor, I have a few trailers which I store at a local storage yard. Well for the last 3 years, I have been staring at this 91 fox Convertible. It's never moved, just sat there looking pitiful and 99% rust free.
    IMG_0627.jpg IMG_0607.JPG
    I got to talking to the lady that runs the place a few weeks ago and she said the guy lives out of state and calls his payment in every month. I told her, next time she talks to him, let him know he has an offer on the table.

    well a few days go by, and she calls and says he liked my offer and he wants to talk to me.

    Long story short, he accepted my offer and I mailed out a check that day, keys arrived with the title a few days later. put in a new battery, changed out fresh fluids and she fired right up and ran great. brought her home and spent a few days cleaning her up, the interior was Filthy!

    oh and your wondering what my offer was aren't you?

    wait for it.......

    $500.00 :-0
  2. Nice score! Wish I paid $500 for mine.
  3. Wow great job!
  4. Haha damn, 5 hundy? What's wrong with it?
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  5. nice. good looking car..
  6. great story!
  7. Amazing deal! Looks pretty clean and straight. What are your plans with it?
  8. Wow man, sounds like you have PLENTY of money left over to put a real transmission in there.
  9. Nice find and a great deal.
  10. Great find! a lot cleaner than my Vert for sure.
  11. i hate you....
  12. yup, deal of the century. nothing wrong with it, besides he was living out of state and didnt want to keep paying for storage. one of those right place right time kinda deals. it does need a few things, I just ordered up a heater core, has a decent oil leak I am in the process of tracking down, and I will be going through the surging idle check list shortly.

    then in the near future I believe a trickflow kit will be going in, I cant stop thinking about giving this the same power my 65 has.
  13. So storage wars is true! Here I thought it was acting the whole time. :) Congrats on the steal.
  14. Enough left over for a convertible delete kit and 5 speed! JK, what a deal you got congrats.
  15. What is this convertible delete kit you speak of?!
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  16. Just a wise ass comment as I'm not a fan of convertibles, basically a hardtop conversion :rlaugh:
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  17. hmm a hardtop conversion... sounds kinda awesome.
  18. Hahahaha I have a convertible fetish, love having the ragtop. I am thinking about adding a roll bar with rear supports to stiifin it up and add a little safety.
  19. ^this.
  20. Love you too bro! HAHAHAHA