My "NEW" Stang Complete! What do you think!?

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  1. Need Your opinion on finished "project" ?:)


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  2. nice conversion. do you have any GO with that SHOW?
  3. That will be my next project ( with a slight delay due to new baby arrival and wife insisting that baby stuff are more important than a supercharger! )
  4. wow cant even tell exept for the spoiler. looks nice dude. congrats! :)
  5. Love it was hard to tell the difference....suck that the kid comes first in the wifes
  6. so you have a GT, but you made it look like a GT500?
  7. yeah, nad :cool:
  8. Yup
    Thanks for all your nice comments.... I still havent decided if I should keep the wheels I have got on, or use these off of my old 05 and lower it ?


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  9. I think that is what he is saying. It looks like a quality conversion, and I like the looks of the GT 500. I like GTs too. I just don't like a sheep in wolves clothing.
  10. Did u have to change the headlights also or just the lenses?
  11. The lack of GT500 wheels didn't clue you in? :shrug:

    Nicer than my car for sure... :nice:
  12. I just decided not to do this...
  13. Hmm, looks nice, but it's a little too poser-ish for my taste. Especially the "GT 500" and "Shelby" badging.
  14. Thanks for all your comments and opinions,
    Sure I would love to have the REAL GT500,,, but this is the cheap way for me to have my own,
    Had I been able to buy a GT500 at sticker, I wouldnt have done such thing,,, bet C.Shelby isnt a big fan of cars like mine,,, but hey, if they wouldve planned the production/pricing a bit better, maybe you would see more authentic Shelby's on the roads,,,, But for now I rather "make my own" Shelby ,,,,
  15. It looks nice. Only problem I have with it is the Fobra badging. I think the stock spoiler and rear bumper look out of place, but most people won't notice that... at least the bumper, anyway.
  16. Ok the SHELBY Badging is really going to put a damper on the car. its not a shelby, the body kit is one thing but dont try to make people think it is a shelby when its not. THAT is poser-ish. Now if you have a cool last name i would put that on the back kind of as a personal touch. instead of the cars that have "Shelby", "AMG", or "Brabus" ect. how cool would it be to have YOUR last name in letters on the back. Because it is YOUR modified car, not Carol SHelby's.. i would be proud that i did it. you made your Modified GT look like a Stock Gt500.. what a lack of creativity...
  17. Its not about lack of creativity,,,
    If you read my post, I want a Shelby REAL BAD,,,, But I dont want to pay 65000 for it.... The closest I can come to own one would be to match the looks and then the power to go with it,,,, Its just like someone with a V6 making theirs look like a GT,,, why would someone do that?
    I think having my last name on the car is a bit tacky ,simply because I didnt have much input in design of the vehicle.
    Im glad you think different than me though,,, thats the beauty of like,,, would be horrible to see all of us with Mustangs that all look the same !
  18. I like it but I also would not put the Shelby name or cobra emblem on the car. Go with the looks but leave off the emblems.
  19. :nonono: if it's not a shelby why are you trying to pass it off as one. How is this any different than a sixer with gt badging.
  20. I didnt say this is any different,,, I said its the SAME
    Im not tryin to PASS anything
    I like the way a shelby looks but i dont have 60K to buy one, so I chose the cheaper way,,,,,
    Also in the smal community I live, people know about this,,, so whats the harm, if I want it to look like what I LIKE and even people around here KNOWING its not an actual Shelby??
    If Ford had played their cards right I would have bought a real one,, but for now, this will do
    What it boils down to is personal opinions and prefrences,,, and i totally respect Yours, but do you respect mine!?