My "NEW" Stang Complete! What do you think!?

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  1. Just got the rear bumper in today ( after 3 weeks of backorder).
    Will hopefully get it painted Monday and I will post some new pics as soon as I have installed it.
  2. RF, I think it looks great! I can't wait to hear all of the Cry-Babies when I post pics of my GT with the GT501 badges I'm gonna plaster all over. Heck, I'll even LIE and tell everybody it's a GT501! What do 'ya think about that!

    Lighten up all yous Frances' out there.
  3. Just watched that video clip of the spinning Shelby...LOL. Hmm, I wonder why he was spinning so much??? Could it be he did his burnout IN the water box??? Rookie mistake #1...roll through the water THEN burnout. So from the looks of that video, the 10 seconds he was doing his burnout only about the last 2 as he was peeling out did him ANY benefit.
  4. I was gonna do this with my GT but rebadge it with the pony logos (in place of the grille emblem put a pony logo) but I just now decided not to do it. I was thinking about it and I decided I dont want to clone a car. Yeah the Shelby looks AMAZING and I'd love to have one but the fact of the matter is mine is not a Shelby, its not gonna be a Shelby, and I dont want people to think its a Shelby. I'll make my GT look like what it is...a modified GT. Come here black deep dish bullitts and welcome california dream hood!
  5. Car and Driver is notorious for being bad drivers. :notnice:
  6. did I say anything about the Z06? NO! Read what I posted before you start making yerself look like a fool.:Zip2:
  7. Again, it look nice. What I would do, if I were to do what you did with the badging and everthing, is put "Tribute Edition" or something similar. That way it's obvious you're not trying to pass it off as a GT500. I think we all believe (or at least most) that you are not trying to drive around passing it off as a GT500, but as stated, the average Joe is going to see that and think it's a GT500. Tribute edition would eliminate that. I mean, while I'm sure you get compliments, it's gotta be annoying to have to answer the question if it's a real GT500, and then when you answer, here them say "oh".. Just a thought. In any event, it was done well. It looks clean.
  8. Or how about this: Get a sticker made of the following disclaimer, and stick it somewhere inconspicuous.

    The Ford Vehicle you are looking at is actually a Mustang GT and is only modified to look similar to the GT500. I appologize to any Mustang fans who are butt hurt by said modifications, but this is my vehicle. If you would like to make my car payments for me, I would consider possibly reverting some of the modifications back to stock appearance so that you will not be so upset, but reserve the right to tell you to kiss my rear bumper.:p
  9. :lol: :rlaugh: :flag: :hail2:
  10. Well, simple really. If you want respect LOSE the Snake and badges. You will get more flames from the Mustang world for that sin. SURE the cluesless people will like it.

    Other then that, car looks Great !

    (I can afford a Shelby, but would not buy it)
  11. See the problem here is he's using C6 and Z06 interchangibly and that is of course completely incorrect.

    The Z06 is a monster without a doubt, put some good tires on the Shelby and perhaps trim a few hundred pounds somehow and it'll become more interesting.

  12. who cares?

  13. Give the "pigs" monicker a rest! Every version of the S-197 Mustang was designed as a road car, with all the amenities to make driving fun, safe, and comfortable for its occupants. If all you care about is the dragstrip, stick a 700hp engine in a tube frame and have at it! What exactly would YOU cut out of these cars to lose weight? I guarantee that whatever YOU choose to eliminate or cheapen is one of the things that gives actual car buyers (you know, people who actually buy a Mustang as a mode of transportation) a reason to buy. If a change that reduces weight also reduces comfort, safety, or durability (I for one plan on keeping mine for at least the next 15 years), then it is a bad trade-off for the vast majority of purchasers.

  14. This is the kind of guy that would like to see microwaves in his Mustang in 2020 :nono:
  15. I couldn't make it through 3 pages of flames, I gave up after the 1st page, so I don't know where this thread ended, but the car looks sick. Keep the Shelby emblems. I don't know why everyone get's all offended when people make clones. Go to any car show and count the number of fiberglass A/C Cobras there are... I guess they are posers too. There have been clone COPO cars selling for rediculous amounts on Barret-Jackson (Take that for what it's worth), so there is a market for clones. Don't listen to the haters, get a supercharger, and have a little fun.
  16. that makes sense right there.
  17. What should they leave out of the Shelby to reduce weight??? Just as they did the Cobra R's...the useless back seat!!!! I was all for the concept version of the S197 being a true 2 seater when I saw it. I can't even ride around with a 10 and 13 year old in the back without us up front being jammed right up under the steering wheel and glove box. But then again I totaly ditched getting the practical car(Ford 500)and went with what I would still love after a year...Mustang GT!!!!!!!!!!!!
  18. Well said!
    Thanks for your input!