My "NEW" Stang Complete! What do you think!?

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  1. this is the exact same thing as a V6 owner throwing GT badges on their car and saying they have a GT the main point to a special edition car like the cobra (mach1 and bullitt) is that they are SPECIAL. this mean they cost a bit more. soemtimes a lot more. copying them is just pretty lame in my book. the new GT is nice enough that you dont need to pretend you have a shelby. its just lame.
  2. the difference is that those AC cobras have the balls to back up the body and to get one of those you'd have to sell both your nuts half your organs and possibly get a time traveling machine because nobody wants to let the real ones go.
  3. Excellent job, and I would be a lot prouder knowing I did it myself, getting it the way I wanted it, instead of going into a store,layin out an all kinds of cash over the actual building cost and being taken advantage of. Doing it yourself is what Hot Rodding is all about, this is something too many people lose sight of. If u r independently wealthy, or born with a silver spoon in your mouth, by all means write a check and go buy one, BUT, if u want self gratification, self sense of pride, and most importantly Fun, that do it the way this was done. Once again BEAUTIFUL JOB< ENJOY IT> I would.
  4. Any idea how much all the mods cost you all together rising force? If you don't mind divulging? Hella nice job btw.

  5. Best statement yet!
  6. Well, I agree to each his own. It's a free country (sometimes I wonder, though). I would assume the biggest opponents of clones are the actual GT500 owners themselves. In other words, many are buying these cars for their exclusivity, and if you can just mod a V6 to mirror at least the appearance of a Shelby, that would appear to effectually diminish the exclusivity of a very exclusive car, especially at current prices. This is allowing for the fact that the 4.0 will never run like a 5.4.
  7. Nice work either way, I done my own conversion and intend to use the rear bumper or borrow the same bumper from the CS/GT
  8. Right on!!!!! If there were no "hot rodding" going on, there would not be much of an aftermarket for anything car related and vice versa. It is wrong however to copy a higher level car and tell people it is a "such and such...". It's your car, your money and your it your way!!!!!
  9. 1. Mirror covers to match the body color
    2. CDC Duck tail type of rear spoiler
    3. wheels & tires
    4. different choice of rear bumper (maybe 3D's Lower rear skirt #691025)

    Off to a great start !!
  10. Thanks again everyone for all your comments (good or bad ) . As far as the cost, I paid roughly $2500 for all the parts and another $800 for the paint. I am only half way there as I still need to shell up $5900 down the road for the KB Supercharger.
  11. LookS nice, BUT WHY Coming from a real GT500 Owner. I just dont see the reason for the badges why say it's something its not. Why lie. Your Degrading the very thing you admire. The GT500 IS NOT an Appearance package it’s a Performance Package.

    When people see you and give you a thumbs up your going to stop them and tell them its not real you just wanted it to look like one RIGHT!!

    I put a lot of hard work into finding a good deal and also paying for my GT500. I wish ford would have not sell the parts to people with out a real GT500 vin.
  12. :lol:

    Are you going to cry? Is it because he paid much less for what he has? Is it because it looks almost as good? Just because he can't afford the real thing doesn't mean he can't have something that looks like it. Why are you so angry anyway? Yours is faster (For the moment at least) right? Man up. What do you have to worry about if yours is real?

    No matter what its still a mustang man. If you wanted something "exclusive" you shouldn't have a got a mustang.
  13. LOL, no kidding!
  14. They prolly thought: "F it, if the dealers aint going to let us shift these cars, we'll have to start selling the parts, to see SOME kind of a return!".

    The parts are probably outselling the cars 100-1!
  15. I do agree with that 100%
  16. So I guess there should be none of these on the road at all then too huh?????

    What kind of crazy crock is that?!?!?!?!?!? Probably THE most famous car on the road and it is cloned like crazy 40 years later. Take pride in knowing you own the original and appreciate those who envy and recreate them since it is an awesome car. Like 05xgt says, it's what makes and keeps "hot rodding" alive.

    One day I WILL build one of the Daytona Coupes for myself!!!!! AND I WON'T CARE WHO DOESN'T LIKE IT!!!!!
  17. You asked why,
    1.Ford made a misstake on allowing the major price gouging by dealerships
    2.I cant afford to pay $20K over sticker.
    3.I am not dumb enough to pay $20 over sticker even if I could afford it.
    4.I dont have more money than brains
    5.I couldnt get it for sticker, let alone Dplan!
    6.If you think youre cool cause you paid tons of money for yours, wait till 2008 ;)
    7.I enjoy my mustang as much as you enjoy yours, only I feel better I didnt get ripped
    8.I dont buy a car to get the thumbs up from other people. I buy it and make it look like they way I want it.

  18. This sums it up nicely and is also my motto.