My new stripes.....

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  1. Well, in know i havn't been around much, been pretty busy, but i figured i'd get you some pics of my new stripes done yesterday...



  2. sweet man, ya havent seen u in a while, at least u had a good reason to be gone.
    very nice
  3. Looks sweet man! :nice:
  4. Very Nice!!!!
  5. Hey echo, why dont u be the guinnea pig and paint your rocker panels for us :)
  6. Hey echo, I was wondering where you've been hiding lately. And now you're back with a fury! lookin good man, real good!
  7. Damn!! Thats sweet Echo7!! I was just wondering about you the last few days man.. Where ya been? The stripes look sweet.. :nice:

    Good job! I bet your getting alot of lookers huh!! LOL!! :D
  8. Rocker panels?? paint them what color?? lol

    as for where ive been, video games, lol, Wolrd of Warcraft to be precise, quite addictive...

    Thanks for compliments guys :) i think it turned out good for how much trouble it was to put on, not perfect, but still great...

    Oh and FYI, these are from autotrim, normally $300 + shipping off their site, add $25 for spoiler too. I got these off eBay, from autotrims eBay account for $205, including shipping, and spoiler peice. :D
  9. Did you do the install yourself or did you take it to someone to do?

    I am just wondering cus I have been toying with the idea of trying to do them myself .. I figure it's same concept as tint and I am thinking I can rig up a laser level to use as a guide to get them on straight. ..

    Maybe if you did them yourself you can describe the process you used to get them on?
  10. Beautiful ride man!
  11. they look really good, matter of fact my car is the exact color of yours and 9i was thinkin of doing some stripes also, but two of them instaed of one big one

  12. Well, my friends dad is a body man, and he didnt want to do the stripes, because of how big they were, for inexperience reasons. So, he wouldnt allow me to pay to do it, because he couldnt guarantee it, but he offered to help me with it, so i was like yeah, i'd like to learn the tricks, because i would screw up alot of it trying to get it down pat myself. Basiclly its the same as window tint, and we did it all by either eye, or by the center of the car, which is quite easy to see with the fold in the middle of the hood, only took 3 or 4 measurements for the entire stripe. I think now that iv'e seen someone do it, and make mistakes, i could do it my own, just have to be patient and know a little about how it works. Don't see why you couldn't do it yourseld, though its nice to have some help, extra hand :D
  13. Yea plus 2 sets of eyes are better then one... I think I am going to take a stab at it .. I think I have someone that can help and between the both of us we should be fine.. You used just regular soapy water to slow the setting time on the adhesive or did you use something special? Ooo and also what did you use to prep the paint before you put them on? I am guessing you have to strip all wax off the car before you put them on or they won't stay.
  14. Looks great. I did the ones on my car myself as well. With the help of my father in law!

    took 16 hours to do, we did the hood 4 times before we finally got it right.
    No measuring, all done by eye (mine lol) and it came out perfect.


    this is probably the worst part of it all.....once you get down to here on the hood, it starts to kinckle real bad!

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  15. Yeah, just plain soapy water, and if it got to dry, we would pull it off and spray some more underneath the vinyl, works great. As for prepr work, i just washed the car with soap and water, and hadnt put wax on it for atleast a month, so it wasn't waxed. (or washing it with soap and water took the rest off)
  16. Dish soap will remove any wax that is on the car.

    Good luck!
  17. I really like the stripes on a mustang. I would like to put blue stripes on my white vert, but the wife is sure it would look bad.

  18. its not a vert but heres blue stripes on my stang:
  19. looks great!!! i am glad to see you got them done!
  20. hey kevin how much did it cost to get your stripes done?