My New Tmi Interior

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  1. Here is a few pics of the seat covers, full door panel and center console.


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  2. looks pretty nice.was that ordered off the site or was it a custom order?
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  3. Nice boxes
  4. wheres the mustang?:rlaugh:
  5. I think the air freshener is empty. o_O
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  6. Yes it was the Sport X will not be out until February.
  7. Nice
  8. Yeah it was custom with the orange in it. The Sport X style will not be out until February.
  9. how did you get it if its not going to be out until feb.?
  10. For an install story for Mustang Monthly.
  11. are the door panel ABS and fasten to the door shell by drilling holes?
  12. Yes they are ABS and use double sided tape on top and screws on the bottom. The bottom lip rolls under the door and that is where the screws go.
  13. @GoPens - you should show these guys the finished product! The final photos look great!!
  14. Pics of it being finished





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  15. Here is how the door panels fit.


  16. I like it alot, looks like thats next on my to do list.
  17. I like those front bucket seats ! are they original frames ? I wouldn't mind doing something like that with my 35 ford pick up ,the 65 -66 seats fit perfectly in it .Does the center stripe come in any other colors? My truck is going
    Gulf Stream Aqua and a Aqua stripe would look nice .
  18. Man ... Those seats are AWESOME!!!!!
  19. Yes they are the stock 65-66 seat frames. You can get it in other colors but would have to pay a little more. Not sure how much more. The Sport XR should be out the end of Feb. When they do you could call TMI and talk to them about a color change.
  20. where did you get the window crank and door handles from?