1. I have had her for almost a Month now but never got a chance to post any Pics until today. Its a 08 4.0 V6, 4x4, 6 Speed Manual, it is a very nice truck and I am slowly getting used to it, every once in a while I think I am in my old Truck!

  2. The Clamshell Doors of the Access Cab make it so easy to load stuff in and out of the back!!!

  3. She (or since it's a truck, is it a he?) is a good lookin ride. :nice:

    What was your old truck?
  4. Tacoma's are nice trucks, I drive them every day (I work for a Toyota dealership) and I like them alot. Throw on a set of the TRD wheels w/BFG's like some of them come through with and you have one mean looking ride.

    [​IMG] They are known as the Ivan Stewart TRD wheels
  5. My old Truck was 2000 Tacoma, it was a very good Truck. I hope the New One is as reliable as my old one was! Tires are on my to do list as the Factory Rugged Trail Tires seem to suck.