~My New True Forged Wheels Are On~

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  1. Well the clouds cleared for a few minutes this morning so I was able to get some pictures with my new wheels.

    True Forged Victory's. 2 piece polished. 18 X 9 front and 18 X 10 rear. 265-35-18 front and 295-35-18 rear Goodyear GS-D3's.

    Let me know what you think.









  2. Those look awesome. Your car is always soo clean. I just wish i could keep mine looking like that.
  3. Looks great.....I almost liked the other ones better, but still looks great!:hail2:
  4. Great looking wheels. Do you ever drive that car?:scratch: It's just way to clean all the time.
  5. Those look great on there.

    I always thought it would be impossible to top the previous wheels, but these are a really good choice to replace them with...:nice:
  6. Looks SICK !!!
  7. Looks awesome. I like both wheels! Both look equally sweet. Both give a different look to the car. I'd definitely put them on my stang.
  8. looks DAMN good

    i think you need to was your car :p
  9. all i really wanna kno is how do u take such professional pics?
  10. Looks great mang! When I get mine back from the shop (again) I gotta go do some nice pics like that (not that my car is that clean). :rlaugh: :cheers:
  11. Those look great Kevin. Very clean & subtle... Man your Torch Red sure does "POP" in those pics...
  12. perfect as always. i cant wait until i am out of college and can afford a kewbra myself.

    you and epik are great standards of how we should all take care of our cars

    its most likely geographically impossible but id love to see the two of you have a photoshoot together :)
  13. ever think about clear corners? :shrug:


  14. looks sick. nice choice of wheels to replace the others.
  15. Thanks. I try. :cheers:

    I like them both to be honest with you.

    LOL.. I drive it every weekend. Got almost 17K on it now.

    Thanks. I think they were a good choice as well.


    Thanks for the vote! :nice:

    I think you meant "Wash" LOL.... :cheers:

    I don't know. I'm not a pro. :shrug:

    Make a trip up to the "Big D" and get some one weekend. :nice:

    Thanks Dustin. This color does pop for sure. :cheers:

    Thanks. That would be a cool shoot for sure! :nice:

    No, I don't really care for the clears with the red much. :shrug:

    Thanks. I think so as well. :cheers:
  16. Wow 17K? Looks like I could count the miles it has with one hand haha. Looks great as always....the new wheels look excellent as well.

    Do you ever have to dust the car off or clean up any exhaust stuff off the rear bumper? I have one bad valve guide (#1...defect) and my car gets like oilish stuff on the rear bumper really quick, although it doesnt use much oil.
  17. LOL... Yeah. The rear is a magnet for dust and sand when you drive. No oil or anything like that though.
  18. I was just in Dallas last night with teh Cobra :(
    I will def come up after the car is done this week. Its Saturdays now? Mabey this weekend I will come up if weather permits. The only downside is the car gets so dirt driving thoes 100 miles up there. If I keep it under 70 the bugs are not too bad but comeon, keeping it under 70 is just too damn hard :rlaugh:
  19. Very Very Nice, But I liked the other ones better. But still beutiful
  20. Nice Kevin!!! Did you sell your other wheels and tires? Didn't EPIK want a set of those?

    BTW...when you ran your stock replica 10.5" out back, did you HAVE to run a spacer for clearance, or did you just want the wheels outward more? I'd like to go to 10.5's and 315's so I just want to know.