MY NIGHTMARE @ Don Barry Mustang, JAX FL

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  1. Let me tell you a story...........

    On June 20th I dropped my '69 stang off @ Don Barry Mustang in Jacksonville, Fl. for some major body work (full quarter panels, full floor pans both sides, taillight panel, trunk drop offs, outer wheel wells, radiator support, battery apron, etc.) and to install and gap the new fenders, doors, hood and new trunk lid. It arrived media blasted and on a rotisserie, ready to be worked on. In addition I brought approx $5,000.00 in new parts to be used in the restoration. I was told that due to their backlog we were looking at a completion time of 4 months. Two months of waiting in line then 2 months of actual repair time. This was acceptable to me.

    Being the taskmaster that I am, I contacted them approx every 3 to 4 weeks after the 2 month wait time for an update (in person and by phone). I was told time and time again that they hadn't gotten to it yet and then later on that their best "metal guy" from Hungary was having trouble getting back into the U.S.. This was important because they were waiting on him before starting work on my car. I was promised time and time again that "he'll be here next month". Finally, in December I called and asked for an update and I was told "we'll start work on your car in a week and a half". I told them that I would call back in 3 weeks and if nothing had been done then I was coming up to pick up my Refund (the deposit of $4,400.00 +/-) my Mustang ($5,000.00) and my Parts($5,000.00 +/-).

    Well, Tuesday was 1 day short of the 3 week time period. My wife and I drove 50 miles to Don Barry Mustang and spoke to the foreman (I guess thats who he was as the boss wasn't there). He essentially said No, we haven't started on your car yet, but you're on the list. I said that this was unacceptable. They'd had my car, my parts and my money since June 20th and it was now January 2nd. I had been more than patient and flexible with them and now it was time to sever any more dealings with them. I told the foreman that I would be back the next day to pick up my car/parts/refund. Tuesday evening I received a call from the manager. He gave all kinds of excuses as to why nothing had been done, but mainly that his "ace" metal guy was out of the country. ( I hardly believe that a restoration shop hasn't done any metal work in over 6 months?). I told him that if he wanted to make things right he could prime and block sand the car to get it ready for paint. His response was I don't need the business that bad. At the end of the call I told him I was sorry, but they had wasted enough of my time and that I was coming up on Wednesday. He said that was fine, to give him a call before I came up so he could have things ready.

    Wednesday 9:30 AM I placed the courtesy call to Don Barry Mustang and said that I would be up there in about 2 - 2 1/2 hours (around noon). The Foreman guy answered and complained that he had 3 guys call in sick this morning and that they we very busy in the shop and that if I came up anytime before 4PM he would not let me have the car. I asked what do you mean I can't have my car and he said I WILL NOT ALLOW YOU to take your car until after 4PM. I explained that I had to drive over 50 miles with a hired tow truck that I had to schedule in advance, but to no avail. I told him that if he prevented me from collecting my rightful property that I had no qualms with involving Law Enforcement. His response was WHATEVER!

    We arrived at Don Barry Mustang at around 12:30 PM. My car was outside the shop as well as some of my parts. We backed the rollback up to my car and started to load it when Foreman guy says I don't know that this is your car. Mind you this is 1 of only 2 people I have dealt with this entire 6 month or so period, so he knew darn well it was my car. He said you can't have this car till you show me the title. Well, being financed I don't have the title yet, so I'll get the next best thing, proof of insurance. I called my insurance company and they were prepared to fax Foreman guy my proof of insurance. At this point he said oh, our fax just stopped working, I guess you'll just have to drive back home to get proof of ownership. I informed my Insurance representative of what was going on and explained that there was no work performed on the car so there was no "mechanics lein", the agent then said if they refuse to give your vehicle back we consider that GRAND THEFT. I asked about my parts and Foreman guy says WHAT PARTS? I pointed to my parts and he says, prove they're yours. At this point I was so exasperated I could scream. I informed him of what my insurance company said and he still told me I couldn't have my car and told me there were no parts here that belonged to me. Foreman guy finally got the manager on the phone and He too said what parts? Prove it's your car. I told him if that was his position then I would call the Police.

    I called the Jacksonville Sheriff's Office in front of Foreman guy and explained my situation and how my insurance company considers this theft. They were courteous and professional and stated they would have someone on the way immediately. Now Foreman guy comes back outside and says You're Trespassing. You, your vehicle and the tow-truck have to leave our property.

    After a short wait 2 JSO Officers arrived and I explained my situation. I gave them my tag number which they were able to run and get my VIN (proving ownership). I then showed them the Work Order for my vehicle which listed the work to be performed and the deposit paid. I then showed them my receipt from NPD listing the parts that were brought along with the car. The parts matched up exactly with the work to be performed.

    The officers spoke with foreman guy for a bit, then came and got us (we were still off their property). We were told we could take the car, but said Foreman guy doesn't know what they were talking about when asked about the parts. The Parts that were outside "mysteriously" disappeared before the police arrived. I saw that they had hid the parts behind a rollup door and informed the officer. Foreman guy then says Oh those parts, those are our parts, you never brought any. I told the officers that my name was on the boxes and when they examined the boxes they found my name and shipping address from NPD.

    At this point the officers felt lied to by Foreman guy and basically asked what kind of stunt he was trying to pull. They said that there Was enough evidence for an arrest on Grand Theft charges. I believe at this point the fire got too hot for foreman guy and he called the boss who finally made an appearance. After a verbal rundown of events from the officer the boss said everthing's his, he can take it. I got ALMOST EVERYTHING. You see, they used some of my parts on other cars that they were working on. I was cut a check for my refund, including credit for some parts that were missing, i found others missing when I got home so I'm still missing parts. I got my car loaded up on the Rollback and I got most of my parts.

    I may have considered doing business with Don Barry Mustang in the future as everyone gets behind on occasion and all I had lost up until then was time and embarassment. I lost all respect for them when it took 2 armed police officers to return my rightfully owned property. I will never do business with them again and I will never recommend them to anyone!! There are many reputable shops out there, but following my NIGHTMARE , I DO NOT believe Don Barry MUSTANG is one of them!!
  2. Wow, what a feaking nightmare you had there.
  3. Your persistenence and unwavering attitude paid off, still, I consider you very lucky that you got your car, deposit, and most of the parts back. What a bunch of axxholes. Did you have a contract in writing from them?

    I can only imagine how many times they have pulled this stunt on other unsuspecting honest people.
  4. Have you deposited the refund check yet?
  5. I live in JAX. And Im a JSO Officer by the way. Thanx for the nice comments. I just wanted to say that I was born and raised in JAX. and I have NEVER heard anything good about that company. I called to ask about some services one day about 10 years ago. The guy on the phone said he was not going to answer anymore questions on the phone until I brought some money down there.WHAT???? These guys think they are the only company to do mustang work. Sorry for your experience.
  6. Sounds like you were DAMN lucky you got ANYTHING back!!!! What if you did not have insurance on it?!?!?! What if the boxes of the parts had been removed from the boxes,no addresses,no names..... I would never trust anyone with my car (any car not just my Mustangs) for that long! If I cant do it myself I will figure out how to do it.
  7. I hate crooks. Those cops should have arrested them so they could be CONVICTED on criminal charges as well as forced to pay restitution.
  8. Unfortunately, I wish you had posted this before you started, I could have told you what to expect. This guy's been a bad apple for years and is listed as such in a couple other forums.

    Cash the check quick and tell all your mustang friends to beware.
  9. Good for you for not backing down.

    I had take an engine rebuilder to small claims court many decades ago. He made such an a$$ out of himself in front of the judge. He didn't want to pay me the total judgement, so I paid the U.S. Marshall in the court house a $15 fee and they went straight to his place of business and his bank and got my full judgement for me as well as the $15 fee. :nice:
  10. I did get my refund check cashed. I was sure they were going to try something stupid like put a stop payment on it or say the check was stolen, but thankfully that didn't happen. I then took the cash and went directly to my bank and deposited it. WHEW!!

    Good News: The day I got everything back I took the car to a restoration shop in Gainesville ( I wont mention the shop's name till the work is done). They sat down with me and went over every detail of what I wanted done, It gave me the warm fuzzy feeling. Well, yesterday, the day after I dropped my stang off at the new shop they called to say that they had already started working on it and they were already done with the drivers side floor pan, including toeboard. WOW, more in one day than in 6 months at Don Barry!!:D
  11. Just goes to show you MUST do a ton of research and reference checking *Before* you turn your prized possession over to someone else. Making them sign for any parts you leave is also a good idea. I'm glad you were able to recover almost everything!
  12. wow thats pretty ****ty.

    I doubt I could of contained myself given the situation described.
  13. All I can say is, WOW!!!
  14. You should also look into filing a complaint with the Better Business Bureau, especially if they didn't return all of your parts or give you credit for them.

    The BBB is a good way to let people know about these crooks.
  15. I looked into this when it was first posted. This company has several complaints listed, but is not a BBB member.
  16. They don't have to be a member to have the BBB keep a record of complaints against them.

    Their record is horrible! They appear to just ignore the complaints. I'll definately be checking in with my local BBB before I hand my car over to a business - it seems to be a pretty accurate gauge of customer service and overall management.
  17. Well, my new restoration shop has had my Mustang for a little over a week now and you won't believe the progress. Both floorpans (including toeboards) are in. (buttwelded per my request) ground smooth and seamsealed. Also the battery tray and radiator support have been removed and new pieces installed and welded.
    WOW, more in 7 days than in 6 months.... Guess their business and reputation are more important to them than others...
  18. Glad you got your stang back and to a reputable shop.
  19. Wow glad I read that. I was planning on going there.

    Im right outside jacksonville