MY NIGHTMARE @ Don Barry Mustang, JAX FL

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  1. Hey FallujahMedic - How's the stang coming?
  2. I would have run away when the guy said that his best matal guy was in Hungary and was having a problem getting back in the U.S.

    Glad things are working out for you.
  3. That is scary stuff. There may be soem sort of law in Fl where if a vehicle is left at a "storage" or place of business, that the owner can calim the property as his and get title tot he vehicle. I wonder if that is what he was trying to do to you.

    Glad it all worked out. I've taken mental notes and will be sure to be very aware if I have to give mine up for any work.

    ps - 1st post on this site. Looking forward to getting to know you all.

  4. It's pretty sad that no one got busted.
  5. my problem

    :jaw: WOW what a POS place! if it make you feel any better, i recently had a runin involving my car too:

    altough I'm only 16 I've been dreaming about mustangs since i was born. Well this year my dream came true. In my neck of the woods there's a shop that a guy by the name of Jack Dressen and his brothers run. They redo about 20 mustangs, tbirds and cougars a year. Jack was able to find me a 68 coupe, NV car, absolutely no rust and Every single weld on the car was FACTORY absolutely beautiful car.

    well this other guy (who will remain unnamed) had first dibbs on this car and he decided to buy it :( . however upon buying it he then decied he didnt want it and was going to resell it. I was first in line. So i picked out my Sonic blue color for it and he had just removed a beefed up 302 out of another car with tone of chrome that i was able to snag for an extra $1000. I know great deal. but its like an infomercial, but wait theres more!!!

    So the guy had it for 3 months and we gave him an extra week beyond the deadline that we gave him. so we pull into his yard and we have to wait another 3 hours befor its assembled. well it turns out that it isnt even done yet. well i can put up with that. we started it up and it never really run. well its cold....timings not wuite right...ect. and mind you we have about a 3 hour trip home again. and his "best paint job ever" wasn't even that hot. so we try to start it the next day, and we couldnt even turn the motor with a socket on the flywheel. when it did turn, it SQUEAKED :( EWWW so we took it over to the dresen shop and we drop the pan. THE OIL PUMP ISNT EVEN SYNCED WITH THE DISTRIB! NOT WORKING!!!!!!! so we took the motor appart. the most freaking carnage i have ever seen. we couldnt even move the con rod and piston head, comepletely froze.

    So he was goin to send up the old motor and pay for the rebuild ( damn right cause i stopped his check) well about three days after it was supposed to be there, still no motor.....grrrrrr....we told him as it sits, only worth about 9 grand, sure we gont a new tranny, but we dont even know if it works because WE DONT HAVE AN ENGINE!!!! well he began to .... and moan about that he had more than that in the car. so we told him then we'll return the car and he can give us our money back. well he didnt have the money so.... WE WIN!!!

    now he has no involvement in the car and its in good hands, and like you said FallujahMedic it gave me that warm and fuzzing feeling inside. now its on its way to running free like any pony should be able to.