My Personal Pics From Pri 2015 Mustang

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  1. I took these pictures at the Indianapolis PRI show yesterday. I personally love it in person!
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  2. Very coo! I have a feeling once i see it in person I will like it much more.
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  3. ^ me too.
  4. I told my wife we were buying a 2015 2.3t when I first heard rumors of it. Then the **** got knocked up.
  5. I haven't been to Allentown in years! :shrug:
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  6. Yup, it is her fault..........keep telling yourself that, just do not tell her that!
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  7. It did look good in person. I think it's gonna be a sexy mofo lowered a little on some WIDE rims and a little window tint.
  8. I do like the rear without a wing. Is the wing optional on the current GT?
  9. Damn, my Gran Cherokee came with 265/50/20 wheels. I wonder how big wheels are gonna get in the future!
  10. It may depend on how expensive the oil gets that's used to make tires with real sidewalls. LOL
  11. Between the oil reserve they found in the Dakota's and the new oil field that BP/Conoco/Phillips just found in the Gulf, I would say we are not gonna have that conversation for another 100 years.
  12. I bought my fox new and personally this is the first new design that I liked immediately after seeing the official pictures.

    do tell though...Is it bigger, smaller or about the same size as the current Mustang?
  13. c/o
  14. Yep, standing next to it, it seems like the same size. I think the weight savings Ford quoted was for the 4 cylinder version, and even then I'm skeptical.
  15. They did say the weight would be saved "across the board" which I would have thought meant all models but I agree it doesn't look like weight was saved. It will be interesting to see if weight was saved, and how much lighter the turbo is than the 5.0. I'm a little (note: little) disappointed about the size, I would have loved a smaller and lighter car, might even be more keen on the turbo 4. Heck if it were up to me, the car would be a foot shorter, 6 inches skinnier, 2 inches lower using 17 and 18 inch wheels (not these 19 and 20 inch monstrosities they need to use now) with all components scaled down for the smaller and lighter car. It would be using a 1.8L turbo 4 base (~250HP) and a 3.8L V8 (~340HP) as GT with an intercooled (single or twin)-turbo V8 as the ultra (GT350 / 500 / etc) model. (Oh dreams...)
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  16. ^^Right there with ya!
  17. The turbo 4 sounds very interesting. I might just get one.
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