My pictures of 2010 Mustang from LA Auto Show

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  1. I went to the show yesterday.. I thought I would get a bunch of pictures for everyone. New colors are amazing in person. A lot of you guys thought that was a key hole in the spoiler--it's a camera.

    The interior is vastly improved.. very luxurious.. Dash does have a "soft touch".. not just cheap plastic. Steering wheel is amazing.

    Any other questions, let me know. I was at "Mustang Alley" for at least an hour.. I looked over the car for a long time.

    Password for pictures is "Mustang"

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  2. thanks for the post those are the first pics that i liked the back of the car
  3. what was the red gt with the supercharger ?
  4. I believe that is the supercharger that will be available from the factory.. it's a whipple..

    Not 100% sure though..

  5. So just to add some info:

    Both the arm rests and the center console have a slant.. they dip towards the front of the car.

    HVAC controls look awesome. The entire center console seems more GM than anything. The typical Ford controls are gone.

    The three buttons used to control gauge functions has moved over to the headlight switch area..

    NAV screens in the cars looked good, although it seems like it will be a lot more work to add an aftermarket unit. Guess you are stuck paying $2k if you want nav. :eek:

    The rear of the car looks a million times better in person. I was afraid it would be ugly.. it is very nice.

    Ford has added seat pockets to the backs of the front seats!

    Cup holders in the center console are hidden by a door. When you open it, the ambient lights turn on.

    12v outlet is between the center air vents. It his hidden by a little door that flips up.

    Interior door handles are chrome, not satin silver.
  6. Looks like someone stood behind a 2009 and kick the butt up.

    Not crazy about it.
  7. I just love the redesign, save for the black plastic on the rear bumper, but that can be painted. Thanks for some more great pictures!
  8. I hate the way it has that black molding around the bottom of looks terrible!!
  9. i bet it doesn't look as bad on the darker colors though.
  10. and said: "move your slow ass."

    Overall, I like the car though. But 15hp just isn't cuttin it.
  11. I love the front and side profile of this stang. It would look even better with some silver horse side louvers. The back end is growing on me but I wish it was more along the lines of the 05-09. The interior is great but it will be hard to change the radio. Other then a few small things this is one great stang.
  12. To those saying they don't like the rear or the black plastic, you need to see it in person. In pictures, it's hard to get a grasp of how nice the car really is.. Looking through all of my pictures, none of them compare to reality..

    Before seeing it at the show, I hated the a$$ end.. Now I love it. :nice: