My plans for a 351 swap

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  1. Okay, what is required for the efi conversion? Do I just give RJM a call and tell them what I'm planning on doing then just continue buying parts like I would have if I started with efi?
  2. :D Thanks.

    The cam is a custom grind Tight Lash Solid Roller from FlowTech Induction. Ed at FTI is one of the best in the business!

    ^^idle clip, with a few revs thrown in

    The video above shows the setup I have, and I'm very happy with it!
  3. Nice sound lol. Sounds like it would wake up all the neighbors :). Well the guy in buying the car from gave me a call and said for $100 more he will give me the freshly rebuilt 302. Anybody want a good 302 block?
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  4. it just my phone or is everybody else seeing upside down profile pics?
  5. I have run into plenty of these guys.
    It might date me a bit, but I have talked to guys that swore up and down that their 2v carb'd 302 was a "Boss" 302.
    One guy had a 78 Granada with a 302, and it had a 4v aluminum intake that plainly said "Wieand" on it... and he swore that it was a factory Boss 302. He said, "Look! It has a 4 barrel... It's a Boss!"
    You gotta know when to walk away.
  6. Bit of a sad update maybe. The guy selling me the 85 got an offer for $1500 instead of the $1000 I was going to give him. The deal was I gave him $300 to hold it until I could get off work again (banks were closed and that's all the atm would allow me to withdraw). I got told today by the Foreman at work that they need me to work 11 AM to 4AM the day I'm supposed to go pick up the car. So I texted the guy that I would pick it up next Saturday instead of this Saturday and told him why. He replies with "I got an offer for $1500, but I am a man of my word, be here by 4pm Saturday or I'm going to sell the car" roughly translated from Spanish. I really hope I can weasel my way out of work to go get the car, but if not......anybody know of a foxbody roller? Lol
  7. Cough, cough, I thought you were coming down with a cold? You sound really sick and probably should stay home for a few days..
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  8. Another system on my list as well.

    Why not do the convertable, with subframes you could drop the top occasionally and still feed the need for speed as well...:nice:
  9. This comment deserves one of those cool wingdig things. Gotta go find one!

    Her you go: :cry:SICK!
  10. Not sure what that's supposed to mean lol
  11. That's your excuse for the boss man
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  12. That makes alot of sense. Now that I think about it....i do feel a little under the weather
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  13. Alright everybody, I'm on my way to pick it up! With any luck I'll be back in town in time to unload it at the house before heading to work. Regardless I'll snap a bunch of pictures for everybody :)
  14. i'm sure I dont know as much as alot of these guys but all I have done for the last 4 month is research heads and nothing comes close to the afr's out of the box. Plus look around online and I have found them for 1598.00 for 210cc
  15. We need an update!!
  16. Hahaha okay okay, well I picked it up on Saturday and took her home :) I'm going to start stripping out everything from the engine bay and interior(except for the dash) this weekend. I'll make a build thread on it sometime soon. My phone wont let me upload pics so I'll do it when I get off work tonight. I got a write up at work for being late, but it was totally worth it haha
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  17. Yes I believe it does
  18. sweet, I've found my motor then
  19. Shop around some. You might be able to find a better deal. I know quite a few members on here have talked to Rick at RNH and have had AMAZING outcomes with their projects. Rick is also a member here. I can't quite remember his username though. Hopefully someone will chime in who knows how to contact him :p