My plans for a 351 swap

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  1. Congrats on the purchase!
  2. Why not do a forced induction 351w in a fox vert? Mine came out great! However the B303 cam is not enough remember wild roller cams are mild in a 351w I have an x303 in mine and it is pretty mild.
    DSC_7614_zps42c0df9b.jpg IMAG0044_zps00d54c85.jpg IMAG0045_zps941ca9e8.jpg
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  3. that's one clean, sexy car man, but I've always wanted a 4 eye and this one was a great deal so I had to grab it. Plus I'm not sure how well the body would hold up to my final plans for the engine. Yours looks amazing though, props :)
  4. Thanks man if you have any question or anything hit me up I'll be happy to give my $.02
  5. I'm going to have alot of questions lol. I'll PM you my phone number if you're cool with that
  6. No problem man the biggest advise I will give if you keep EFI is to invest in a dyno tune, before you spend all kinds of cash on configured MAF's or other items to "trick" the computer. When running bigger injectors. 99% of my tuning issues and what I thought to be electronic or mechanical issues where solved with a tune.
  7. Well I'm now planning on a 427 that will be boosted later down the line. What kind of fuel system do you think I would need? I haven't decided on EFI or carb. I kinda like the carb look so I'm leaning towards that more. That and its a little cheaper
  8. It is alot cheaper to run a carb to get started you will prob regret it when you add boost; when or if you boost to the motor you will definitely not regret going efi. Especially if you want to drive it on the street. I am running a full Aeromotive fuel system with an A1000 pump rails and regulator. But on a budget you can get parts that will perform the same for alot less. Just a note if you run high impedance injectors (which is almost anything over 42lb) if is easier to run a stand alone ECU like a megasquirt. I have FRPP 42lb injectors and started running out of fuel (injectors) at the top end of my dyno runs. I can honestly say you need to budget an extra 1K to 2K to spend on the fuel system if you want to go EFI. If hurts at first but you will not regret it.
  9. Well I'm going to stiffen up the chassis first and foremost, then start on getting an 8.8 rear end swapped into her. Then start saving for the motor. So I have a long time to decided lol
  10. Okay, new question. I've decided on carbureted, now I just need to know where to get the fuel lines and if using an OEM tank would be alright or if I have to go aftermarket
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  12. I'm partial to Aeromotive fuel systems. I'm running a complete Aeromotive system on my car, from tank to rails and back, and it's supporting over 1000hp, fully streetable.
  13. any particular place I could find an entire set?
  14. You could call us at 561.588.6630 and see if we can order it for you. We're Aeromotive dealers, but we don't stock these. Here's the tank I'm using, and its pretty awesome.

    ^^I'm actually using that tank with their whole kit, front to back, and it works quite well. (My car ran 155mph through the traps, so around 1000hp) I think for your case (with a carb) they use a different regulator than what I have, but otherwise I believe the kit is very similar. You could call Aeromotive directly and tell them you talked to "Sharad from 5.0 Mustang Magazine" if you want.
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  15. Well if you get commission or anything I'll go through you, its nice to help out a fellow enthusiast
  16. ive seen cap walk on 6500 rpm stock cast crank windsors, so im gonna have to respectfully disagree with this statement.

  17. Aeromotive makes some really nice stuff! They just spec'd their eliminator pump to run on my car and say it should support the motor well into the 1700hp range for the new xb110 Vortech that we will be testing shortly..
  18. Nope, no commission or anything. I was just trying to help a brother out!

    DUDE! Aeromotive has a "Pro" pump. That's what you need for your car. Realistically, the Eliminator is at its limit in my car, and you'll probably have me covered by a few hundred. Also, if you get the Stealth tank like I have, the hat has a -8 Feed & Return. They said it would work on my car, and sure enough, it didn't starve for fuel under load, but I wouldn't use -8 with a 1700hp car either.
  19. I stand corrected, I meant to say pro pump, got them confused. I also have a cell that I made from scratch with a 12 feed and 10 return. The aeromotive guy said my 8 an return wasn't big enough and that I needed at least a 12 vent which I still have to change.
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