My possible rod knock *VID*

Discussion in '1994 - 1995 Specific Tech' started by juiced_94gt, Sep 18, 2007.

  1. Ugh, that's not good. Not sure what it is exactly. Someone here will know though. I personally wouldn't drive the car.

    Can you feel any exhaust coming out of the headers?
  2. No there is NO exhaust leak whatsoever
  3. Pull your valve covers and check the RRs to make sure they are not loose.
  4. wow that does not sound good... to me it sounds like a lifter tap r rod knock... pull the valve covers and check your RR's
  5. **** meth beat me 2 the rr's
  6. Since you have already checked your rockers and pushrods the only way to find out would be pulling the motor apart I'm afraid. You can get a stethascope (I'm not sure about my spelling) and check different areas on the block and around the timing cover to isolate where the noise is coming from but it sounds like a internal engine problem to me.

    Who built the engine? I see that it is a CHP 331 street fighter from one of your earlier threads but was it a stroker kit or the complete short block. The fact you still have oil pressure is encouraging. How did the compression test turn out? I hate that you are having this problem seeing how you spent a good amount of money on some nice parts and you haven't got to drive it much. This could still be fairly minor but but it more than likely is in the bottom end of the motor.

    Good luck!
  7. yeah, that doesn't sound good to me, but i am no expert. my caprice makes a pretty loud knocking noise and it is just the water pump bearing. i'm gonna try changing it soon ...

    the rod knock on my stang was not really audible until the car was under load, not at idle.

    but my caravan sounded bad like that on startup and it was a spun bearing. good thing it is still under warranty

    tomorrow i'm gonna ask my engine builder to listen to it. i'll let you know what he says

    done the compression test yet?
  8. Definatly a valvetrain noise. Sounds like rockers set wrong to me. Do them over and if you don't know how to properly do it, have someone help. Check for bent pushrods too.
  9. exactly my thinking sounds 2 frequent to me
  10. My brother seems to think that it sounds like a lifter, I myself am no help
  11. +1 on valvetrain noise.
    A rod hammering would have a deeper tone than that.
    It's not any better for you but it could be a wrist pin or broken piston.
    Sounds like the engine is going to have to come back out. How many miles are on it?
  12. I have to agree with the bunch here. I've heard rod knock before and this sounds a bit more high-pitched to me. It does sound alot like valvetrain noise, and more from the top-end.
  13. Dude it's a RR, I swear I just went through the exact same sound a few months ago. Where exactly do you live? I will come out and readjust your valvetrain if your willing to help... I'm not kidding either. Put you hand directly over where the sound is comming from, your going to feel it.
    The weekend is my only good time. Let me know. Ohh yeah you have to buy the beer and pizza.
  14. Doesn't sound like a rod to me either, Ive heard rods knock, and I saw a 460 spit 2 out of its block before. Sounds like valve train I agree.
  15. Im for RR noise also. i have the same noise with mine and im steping up to stud mount rockers.
  16. I vote rockers!! And that is a good thing if u dont have to tearn down the whole engine. Just get them tighter and I bet it goes away! :)
  17. I went back and listened to it again and you know I think everyone else is right it does sound like a very loose rocker but I am a little bit puzzled. A pedestal mount rocker that is tightened and doesn't come loose can't create extra clearance on its on unless a pushrod bends or flattens out on the end correct?
  18. ill bet $10 grand thats a rod nock, i had one in my old v6 stang and it sounded dead on to that...sorry man, thats horrible to spend all that money on that motor to have problems