My possible rod knock *VID*

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  1. i have AFR heads and i had the same noise after my install. i had to lengthen my PR's from 6.27(stock) to a 6.40. :shrug: good luck
  2. Stock length is 6.375.

  3. Stock length is 6.272" from tip to tip...
  4. hmmmmm mine were 6.375's. Are the cobra's different.

  5. Ok I pick up my motor on monday, it had two blown pistons and one scared cylinder wall which L&R Automotive in santa fe springs said it would hone out, they replaced two pistons I got new rings and bearings with a re-balanced rotating assembly for $900.00 he promissed it would be fine now and to have it re-tuned because he said that it didnt seem to be a build issue with the motor, Steve powertrain dynamics had tuned it so im going to have him look at it, he has too good of a reputation around here so I think im going to let him re-tune it unless there is somebody better that anybody knows about here in southern california... While it has been down I had the headers ceramic coated, PS and ALT brackets powder coated in xtereme chrome along with my C&L inlet tube and changed my hyperblack saleens for chrome saleens, Im hoping to be rolling again in two weeks.
  6. You didn't have CHP look at it and maybe fix it for free?
  7. They would not look at it, they said they only had a 90 day warranty and labor alone was going to be over a grand for me, they said one thing one day and when it came down to taking it to them they backed out... but they really aren't to blame, after the tear down it was obvious it leaned out and they wouldn't have fixed for free anyways within the 90 day period and it would have cost me ALOT more to fix. Given the work beign done I think I got a pretty good deal.
  8. I've heard the guys at ST. Motorsports are top notch from several local people.

  9. Yes the $900 was a really good price for parts and labor for what you had done. Glad its all fixed, we look forward to seeing how it moves!:nice:
  10. that's good news that you are getting back on the road soon

    so did detonation cause your problem?
  11. He thinks it was a problem from the day I started it because I had 2 dead injectors and drove it about 80 miles that way which would mean it ran lean I suppose, Hes changing out one other piston that isnt scored up but didn't mic out to his specs so we'll change it now to avoid future problems.

  12. wow that piston is jacked up !!!!!! Im glad you finally figured out what it was though.
  13. boy i hate seeing carange like that
  14. That doesnt look like detonaton to me...I had motor lean out and it made holes in the TOP of the pistons, not tear up the skirts...There was no oiling problem was there? What about junk on the walls/in the oil? The ring lands are not even FUBAR...I think there may h ave been something else going on in there...Did it overheat or get real hot?
  15. Wow man, that sucks. I'm siding with squeeze here, that doesnt look like leaning damage, if the top of your piston was white or melted. that looks like an oiling issue or possibly a tolerance issue (piston too tight or too loose) . Thats really odd damage.


  16. My thoughts exactly! Oiling or tolerances...
  17. i second the last 2 motions! lol
  18. yeah that looks more like sand in the oil or no oil at all or something like that.

    pretty weird
  19. knock

    did anybody hear the vacuum leak at idle or was I just imagining things? Regardless of what it is, take a weekend and pull it, check it, fix it before it becomes expensive.
    Try a long screw driver to the ear trick (cheap stethoscope) try checking plugs, check the rockers, you could even do a compression check, and take a vacuum reading before pulling. So much to do without spending a dime. Trust me, I'm about as cheap as they come.