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  1. Ok, alot of people have asked me, "Why do you hate on the V8s? We respect you 6ers." Well, I had the perfect example happen to me today. I was driving down the road minding my own business when a black 03 Cobra coupe turns off of a side road and gets behind me. I'm not paying him any mind, I just keep trucking along minding my own. Well, I come to the stop sign at the end of the street and as I roll up and stop, I hear the Cobra rev at me from behind. Now, I NEVER rev at Stangers b/c, no matter what people say, no one revs to say "Hello.", they rev to say "look what I got..your car is crap." BUT, in this case, I figured I'd give the benefit of the doubt and rev back. So, I slap it in neutral and give a rev. As the sound of my exhaust dies down, I can hear the guys in the Cobra laughing their a$$ off. I'm thinking, "Typical V8 owner." So, I cruise through the stop sign. Well, a truck turns onto the road behind me, so now the Cobra is a car back. We all three come to a red light and as I stop, I can hear the Cobra revving from a car length back. My friend who was with me looks at me and says, "Geez, some people need to grow up." I told him that "according to the V8 guys on Stangnet, V8 owners don't have egos or pick on V6 Stangs." :rolleyes: So, when the light goes green, I go across the intersection. The truck behind me turns left and as soon as he does, the Cobra starts riding my back bumper...mind you this is a four lane road, with two lanes going the same direction and no car in the lane beside me. The guy rides my bumper for about a mile until I turn. Then, as I'm turning, he floors it past me in the slow lane. A very nice ricer-esque flyby from someone in a $38k, I guess that doesn't mean the guy has an ego. :rolleyes: At any rate, I'm rolling in front of some stores in the little strip center I'm in and out of an alley that's between two of the stores comes that same dang Cobra. As I roll past, I hear "V6s are $hit! Hahaha...." :rolleyes: By now, I'm thoroughly annoyed, but, I was willing to leave it at that so I proceed to park in front of the store i was going into. Well, before me and my friend can even get out here comes the dang Cobra AGAIN. Ok, so he's already revved at me about 10 times, done a flyby, and screamed out an insult like a 12 year old kid...and he still doesn't think he's made his point. So, he stops in front of my car and his passenger says, "Hey, you have a V6 man." :eek: Wow, I'm glad he told me b/c otherwise, I would not have known that. So I pointed out to him that there is a 3.8 emblem on the rear decklid and I'm running the horses on the side. To which he replied, "You have a V6...V6s are $hit." :rolleyes: I'm beginning to think that that is the extent of a V8 owners vocabulary. Now, in another thread on here, DBMStang said that I would never "call a V8 driver an a$$hole to his face." So, I decided to pull this guys punk card. I told him hey, your dad has a Cobra...real impressive. Guess you couldn't afford the Saleen huh? His reply, "I can beat your V6." :rolleyes: :nonono: By this point, I was beginning to feel like the whole situation was just so childish and stupid that I was going to just let it go. So I told him that, even though his dad's car could kick my car's a$$, I could DEFINITLY kick his a$$ and if he didn't believe me, to please get out of his car so I could prove it. Anyone can talk trash while behind the wheel of a fast car that can get your a$$ out of there once you see you're gonna catch a beating. If you're any kind of a man, you would get out and settle the problem. But no, he did the typical V8 thing, shouting "Your car sux" as he drove away. Now, the V8 guys on here are gonna say this is a case that is the exception not the rule, but i get this crap all the time. I'm sick of owning the Stang because of it. If I had a Camaro SS, that guy would have never started anything. That's the way the mind of a V8 owner works....why start trouble with someone who has a chance when you could talk trash to someone who knows they have no chance. It's funny and sad though, because I have had guys with WS-6 Trans Ams come up to me and say, "Nice car man..what's under the hood?" and be completely cool about it. I have NEVER had a fellow Stanger come up and say anything positive. It's either "V6s are $hit." or "You don't have Euro tails? That's dumb...." I don't build my cars to get the approval of others, I could care less about what anyone thinks...but if you think negatively about something, why mention it? If I see a car I think is ugly, I'm not going to start harassing the driver and shouting to him that his car is crap. Everyone has their own thing. But the V8 Stangers have no respect for any V6, no matter how well done it is. I'm only posting this thread because alot of people have asked me why it is I hate V8s so much....this kind of crap is the reason why. This post is NOT a personal attack on anyone. I'm simply answering the question.
  2. See what i would say is this "A lot of people ask me why v8s hate on us v6's so much while we still give them props". I've personally never heard it the other way around. I have seen what you are talking about in person too. Problem is i beat the guy and he got really pissed about it. he wasn't in an 03 cobra but a similar year gt...he just didnt realise that i might have had a few extra things under the hood...irregardless, i feel for you...i don't understand what drives these people to do these things....if its insecurity about themselves, or just down right need to make themselves feel better by making fun of someone thing ive noticed through all my meetings with those with v8's...they are generally like "nice car, but too bad its a 6...why did you spend all that money on a six, you could have gotten a v8 for that" I then go into a lengthly explanation which generally includes how i pay for my own car and insurance, how not everyone has that much money, etc...etc...If i then tell them that i also own a v8 mustang, they pretty much tell me to scrap my 6 and start modding it...but for the money, i don't feel like modding my other stang...this one is just fine for me...i agree that most mustang v8 owners are asses to us with v6's...what i would say to the rest of us is to ignore it just like u did....(other then the threat part)....they are like 6 year olds....if you don't respond to their comments, they can't come up with any others...they will just sit there and say something stupid and then maturity...oh happens.
  3. No worries man, I have a '02 white 6 and you're right, I used to get ****ed with by punk ass kids in GT's and Cobras all the time. You just have to keep in mind that most of the guys that are doing this are just that, kids. Most of the guys that you talk to here on Stangnet don't fall into that category.

    With that being said, here's a ****ed story. Before I bought my modified 92' LX, I had been driving my V6 for awhile, and there's some punk ass kid who drives his dads F-150 harley davidson edition who would constantly rev and talk **** because he lived near by and he had a supercharged ride. Seriously, I got sick of it. Well the phrase paybacks a **** holds true in this case. Two weeks ago, same situation as before except i'm in the LX. I don't know what his trip is but he still decided to **** with me. So we went at it. By the time I was ending second gear, this guy in the right lane, was coming up on a car in his lane, I had the free lane so I let it rip. He tried to pass me but couldn't and ending up wraping his dads truck around a light pole totally destroying it. I pulled over and made sure he was OK and called an ambulance and the sorts.

    Don't let it get to you man, maybe not by you but it'll get back to them one way or another. No matter how fast you are, there's always someone faster.
  4. Chirst man! That's awesome! Like I always say, mean people always get it in the end! :D

    And the second half is so true. My v6 is slow compared to my 94GT which is slow to my brother's Lightning (12.8 et's). Oh well...

    Just remember that you bought your car for you and no one else.

  5. :lol: Dumbass :lol:

    I own a 6 and personally have never experienced **** like you guys have, other than the smartass remarks from people I know around me and they do it in jest. If someone did that kind of **** to me though I probably would have put a nice big ****ing foot print in his door and then we'll see if he wants to still shot his mouth off if he could pry his lips off his buddies ****! I really don't care if you drive a ****ing VW bettle, I drive a 6, I could trade for an 8 if I wanted to but I really just don't care enough about my ego I guess. Gas and Ins is not an issue for me I'm 28 and make over 50k a year hell I could drive a cobra if I was stupid enough to pay that much for a car but come on, you can practically own a house for that price(unless you buy a few years older). Some people have there priorities screwed up. The speed limit in the city is what in the US 35mph?? wow I got to work in 5.4 secs flat, all those that have a small penis and drive big cars get a life. Those that drive them for there own pleasure and try not to make yourself feel superior cause your paying through the ass for your car, enjoy :nice: No vehicle is worth the dough you guys shell out, go to an amusement park, the ticket is like 20 bucks and you can go round and round all day, just like driving a convo.
  6. He would have started it if you were driving any sort of muscle/sports car. Especially that one, since he could beat that one also.

    It's always someone immature or insecure. That's why they get them or get their parents to get them. There does seem to be more of those running around than there are nice guys in fast cars.

    That's where you are very, very wrong. You are way too defensive for someone who "doesn't care."

    I drive the '66 Mustang with a 200 inline 6cylinder daily. It probably does 17-20 secs in the 1/4 mile. It is not fast at all. Do other cars try to race me all the time? Yes. Do I care? No. (By the way, I've even beat some of them, that's kind of sad considering it's a 200k+ mileage car that's almost 40 years old and mostly original.)

    I could make the same post you made, except it would be about V6 Mustang owners, i4 import owners, and V6/i4 light truck owners.

    There's just one big difference, I really don't care. :D
  7. If that were true, you would not have gotten so upset to the point of threatening the kid- and you would not have posted such a long paragraph. You do care and for one reason or another you are the one who has the issue with owning a V6- to me a Mustang is a Mustang- any model or year- and its, IMO, the best car in the world. If you are unhappy with yourself for owning a V6, whether it be financial or other reasons- don't get upset with what ignorant people say about your car, because remember it is YOUR car and forget everyone else. But, IMO, you have some issue, whatever it might be, with owning "only" a V6
  8. It happens the other way too. I have a V8 GT and have seen punk kids in V6's trying to start a street race with me.

    Hate the punk drivers. Not the V8.
  9. I don't think he has issues with 'only' owning a six. I think the problem is that people talk :bs: for no reason. Even though he doesn't talk :bs: to them. I believe that is why he got upset.
  10. :stupid: :cheers: THAT'S IT! That is EXACTLY my point. I love my car, heck, I park it so far out from whatever stores I go to that I have to catch a bus to get to the entrance. :D It's not the fact that his car is better than mine that bugs me. Like someone else said, no matter how fast you are there's always someone faster. It's the fact that because his car is better than mine, he thinks HE is better than me as a person that bugs me. Ganador is right though..I probably should not have threatened the guy. That's just sinking to his level. I'm glad to hear the stories of other V6 Stangers about this kind of thing...I was hoping you guys wouldn't slam me for being a whiner or some crap like that b/c I'm not trying to be. I just was wondering if anyone else had to deal with stuff like this. In my book, Mustangs rock...that's why I own one. I just wish all the drivers were as cool as most of you guys on here are. :flag:
  11. Trying to get someone to race and talking **** about their car are two completely different things...
  12. I have V6'ers rev at me more than GT guys and Cobra guys....and I've had someone of them ask me if its an 03/04 Cobra and when I tell them it's an 01 they tell me how slow I am..but it doesn't make me hate V6 owners and doesn't make me **** and moan about them and how 99.9% of them are ricer retards who's mommies wouldn't buy them V8's.

  13. Thats it exactly, no matter where you go in life there are dicks everywhere, you'll get along with some people and some people you won't, you need to learn to block the negative energy out! :D Be at one with yourself. :shrug: My mantra.
  14. oh i've had problems from the v8, cobra, saleen guys ever since I got my v6 when I was a senior in HS. i'm like dude, i pay for it. including insurance. so STFU. they dont care. they're like "i can kick your car's ass" i said yes, you're right. you can. you have two more cylinders an another hundred or so horsepower. NO ***** DUDE! however, when the guys are riding my ass i just ever so slightly press on the brakes, until i get to the speed limit, and stick to it. dont care if its a GT or a chevette. I don't think a chevette could keep up though....even on a 20 mph school zone, lol.
  15. Guys let's face it to most people out there life is just an extention of high school. You associate with others like you and make fun of those that aren't like you.
    Thank god there are also a lot of us that have grown up and realized that we are not the center of the universe.
    And really it's not fair to say it's V8 owners, it's the people not the cars.

    So with that said let me share an example.
    There are these two kids that make fun of my 6 because they say when I get my Eclipse I'll smoke you. My rebutal: "Shouldn't you start walking home now it's a long hike." But t hen again they are sophmores so I don't expect much street IQ from these 2.
  16. Heh, fellow stangers and I don't really interact here. The most I've given is a wave or a nod. I've only been tailgated by a cobra once and I gave him a nice middle finger but that was it. For the most part we just respect eachothers cars and let eachother go about our own ways.
  17. nothings worse then getting crap from people that don't even have cars or like really crappy ones that you have a v6...
  18. just thought id share my story. Im 16 and a Junior in High School. I have a 97 3.8 Mustang, so you can guess how that goes over in my Auto class. All the guys in there with their 5.0's and crap. They always r givin me ****. One of them said to me not to long ago, why did you buy a 6 with a automatic? And i said well why have you roasted 2 clutches since you've had your car? Another one said to me, hey you want to race, o wait thats right you have a 6. I said to him, So yea mines a 6, but lets see it snt a piece of ****, he siad yea it is it's a 6. This is where i realyl started to get aggervated, so i said well lets look at your car and look at mine, yours has about 27 dents in it, and do i have any dents in mine, i actually keep the car looking good, u could give 2 ****s whats yours looks like, i take pride in mine shes my baby, sure your car may be fast but to be honest with you i'd rather walk than drive your car, i'd be embarassed to drive your car, so why don't you take some pride in your property and grow up. And hes never said anything to me since. But yea i get looks all the time from v-8s they look atm e and shake their heads, i just laugh to myself. Its a shame how they go about doing that.

    One of my favorite things to say when someonce cuts up my v-6, i say hey, you kno what i can do? I can go buy a viper and be faster than you, thats not saying i will, but the point is i COULD do it, when you build your own car and it's fast, then i'll be impressed, not when u buy one, not do anything to it and think your a bad ***
  19. Easiest solution, except it only works in a manual.

    1. Cobra proceeds to tailgate.
    2. You shove clutch in, throw into reverse so the reverse lights come on.
    3. You give brakes a good shove (but only briefly), not enough to skid, but enough to stop quickly had you needed to.
    4. Cobra slams brakes thinking your going to stop hard.
    5. Laugh.

    Read steps 3 to 5.

    Not all V8 drivers are like that. My friend has a 98 GT and we talk car stuff all the time. He's cool with my V6, I'm cool with his V8. At the moment I've got more mods to show off, so he's kinda jealous. :)
  20. that sucks, but as people said there are immature idiots everywhere.

    as far as him tailgating you, i'd of done a brake check. not hard enough for him to hit you but enough to get his adrenalin pumping and to show him how stupid he is.

    a friend of mine is having a blown 4.2L built. should be installed next week.

    also, if one of my sons started talking $hit about a stang(as long as it's not riced), you wouldn't have to kick his butt, I WOULD kick it.
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