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  1. I havn't done to much motor work lately. I been mostly doing little random stuff, but i decided to go ahead and do the paintjob, because im getting a pretty good deal on it. I bought a new 2.5" cowl hood from champion fiberglass, and its a verry nice product. I also got a new rear bumper from I took it the the painter monday and he said he would have it done byt he following monday,well here it is Sunday and its only been sanded and a few dents are fixed.... But i dont care how long it takes as long as its good. It is gonna get painted "Viper Red". Ok enough talk, here are some pics.... View attachment 440004

    What yall think so far? I'm hoping to get the car back by the end of the week... We will see how that goes.

    -AJ Newman

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  2. Not diggin the engine bay, there's gonna be little to no room to work on the motor with them side panels being there. keep it teal!!!!!!
  3. Nice work.. might look a little lop-sided with only having the passenger side fender boxed like that, but ill be waiting to see the completed pictures. keep it up!
  4. Oh no not a cowl hood.. I hope that its needed for air ventalation or clearance otherwise its tacky according to the new stangnet rule book.. J/k
  5. Hes got a 408 stroker. Sure, you can fit a 460 under a stock hood, but having a 408 with a cowl is more justified then on a stock 302.. :D
  6. looks great so far. Keep up the good work
  7. Might be a little tough to get at the mounting and adjustment screws for the headlights with those panels. I like the look and idea, though. Are they removeable?
  8. Thanks for the comments guys, i cant wait for it to be done. The fenders arnt going to make me lose to much space.... I running carb, so i dont have to worry about all that computer mess under there. And i will be doing the otherside of the fender once the car is back from the body shop. I think it will look good after its all done and painted. Why would i want to stay teal, that is one ugly color IMO! LOL... Also about the cowl, i didnt want to take a chance of my stocker not clearing, so i went ahead and got a cowl so i could get it painted with the car, "Let them Frown". Ill keep this updated, so check back.

    -AJ Newman
  9. I was just kidding about the hood. I like a nice cowl on any car.. All stock or all go it dosent matter to me..
  10. Actually, i like the teal because you dont see it everyday like the red, black and white ones.. i thought i was being original by going dark blue, but this site has shown me diffeent :nonono: good job on going carb by the way.. thats 1 more person (like me) that wont be starting a thread about surging idle.... sorry, i like to cause trouble :D
  11. Car Painted Finally!!!

    Well I finally got my car back from the paintshop after like 8 weeks. The whole ordeal was a joke. From the get go he was makin excuses on what was takin so long, but i guess i get what i pay for. In the pics it dont look "that bad", but in person its not so good...... I only paid $800 so like i said, i got what i payed for and learned the lesson the hard way. Well enough talk heres the pics.


    The color it was painted is Viper Red, in the sun its kinda looks orangish but in the shade its bright red....

    I think im gonna do some kinda of something to break the paint up a bit. Not sure what im gonna do, i dont really like racing stripes, so im gonna have to think of summin.

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  12. looks nice any engine bay shots? didnt you smooth it?
  13. Looks fine to me. I'm sure what you're saying is true, but it looks good to me. But it does look like the rear tires are peaking out from their homes...
  14. Well i had the engine bay boxed up with some sheet metal, but i decided not to finish that, im just gonna cut that out. And weld the holes up. I need the extra room for a "big turbo" HEHE....... So he just spray the engine bay black and im gonna do what i want with it....
  15. you've got some work ahead of you cleaning those rims with all the red overspray from what i can see.

    any pics?

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  16. That's exactly why I paid well over 4k for all of my body work! Looks decent though.
  17. Its not overspray he painted the car once, and all the paint was lifting. So he sanded it all down, and repainted again an used different chemicals. The red on the wheels is from the red dust from the paint when he was sanding it. I already checked that because i was bout to be pissed....

    Heres the link to the engine bay i was working....

  18. thanks for the pics.
    glad to hear that you have no worries with the red dust on the rims.

  19. Two tone it. top in silver :shrug:

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  20. I dont like two tones to much, lol. I guess since i dont like stripes or 2 tones im kinda stuck lol.... Im scared to take it back to the shop again, i wont see it for another 8 weeks like this time :bang: :bang: :bang: