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  1. Yeah i will go snap a picture for you later on, i just sat in the car and had a buddy hold the bar so it passed through my shoulder and elbow as low as it could go. The cage was 269 plus 113 shipping took 3-4 days to get here. I hardly had to cut anything. You have to notch the main hoop over your head, but those are 90 degree miters so those are easy. And i had to notch the door bars and those were 60 degree miters which was also pretty easy. I have a program that you give it the dimensions of the tube and the wall thickens and the intersecting angles and it prints out a template to cut out and wrap around the tube to be able to make a perfect miter.

  2. Thanks for the info, there a reason you didn't go with moly? Not sure on the weight difference think mild is 25% or 30% heavier or something?
  3. 50% more expensive...... Moly has to be tig welded, and trying to get my rig up in the tight place by the roof would suck realllly bad!
  4. Got ya, sounds like the same reasons I was leaning towards mild.
  5. I'll post the basics
    9.2" deck, clev main, Ford Racing block
    Billet crank
    Alum rod
    Custom Pistons
    AFR 225's, ported
    Edelbrock Super Vic, ported
    CSU carb (blow through)
    Procharger F1R Race Blower, cogged
    Air to Water Intercooler

    We tigged mine and it was tight, small cups helped.
  6. Wow thats a great price for an 8 pt rollbar from S&W. I am going to be needing one for running 13.49 or better... damn verts. Whats funny is I will be running low 13s and everyone will be like what the heck that thing is slow for an 8 pt, then hit the switch and show them high 11s:D oohhhh I can't wait. If this car doesn't run 11s I'll light it on fire:D

    BTW Can I still use the back seats with an 8pt. It is my DD and I think jumping over the bars is pretty cool and I don't mind doing it, but what about passengers? And can I get swing out door bars, or can I get the bar in a 6 pt? I guess I'll have to call them.
  7. Its a 10 point... not an 8 point. I dont have back seats so i couldnt tell ya how they fit or anything sorry!

    Bently sorry no pics tonight, will try to snap one tomorrow after i get off work.

  8. Oh I know yours is a 10, i just noticed that their 8 pts for the vert are only 170.
  9. Check out , they have good prices on their stuff and have a few locations in the USA
  10. Heck yeah you! :D You'll tear that place up!! :nice:
  11. HA lol, compared to Rick's car I'm just another peon running 11'sn ( for now:D )..... His blower is bigger than my motor, its ridiculous.

  12. done with the exception of welding completely but there in and partly welded in

  13. WOW, that is a lot of work, but fun to do and worth the effrot when it's done. You need to get pics up ASAP when you get the meats under there.

    You should get some 18X12's with a 345 when it's done just for chits and giggles. A low profile street tire for looks will be killer.:D
  14. It'll look something like this!


  15. lmao! looking good,wish i had enough courage to go and start cutting my car!
  16. New Rearend and Suspension Progress Thread

    Ok its been a while since iv been able to do much to the car since everyone takes so long to do my stuff. I got all my rear suspension parts which consist of : Offset Lower Control Arms, Relocated Uppers w/ Support System, Anti-Roll Bar (all 5/8" Hardware instead of the Stock 1/2"). For the new rear end its a 1990 5.0 Housing, shortened 5" total (2.5" per side) Moser 35 Full Spool, Moser 35 Spline 9" Custom Alloy Axles, Moser 9" Housing Ends. It took so long to get all this stuff done, either they told me it would be done at a certain time but it would take a week longer, or the would ship me the wrong stuff (Moser). The only good experience i had was with my Suspension company (Baseline Suspension - Awesome guy to deal with) their products are amazing, and the quality is the best iv seen. He has answered any question i had so far. Well enough talking here are the pictures. There is tons of them so be patient.






























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    DANG - took me 30 mins to post all these picture, lol.... Let me know what you guys think of all the progress. Thanks.

  17. Nice welds. Nice parts. Remind me to never try and race you!!:nice:
  18. HA.. Thanks man, just because i got all these parts doesn't mean I'm fast. My best is only 11.24 @ 121, but thats spinning all through 1-2 gear, worn down ET Streets and when the car transfered to the back it would bounce on the back tires. I'm hoping for 10.80-10.90 on motor and 9.XX's on juice!!!! If i can ever get all this stuff done. Still have to weld coil over brackets on and weld the Anti Roll bar on.

  19. Dang, nice set-up! Those welds are impressive for sure. Nice work.