My quest to an 11 second car

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  1. I have a thread up in the 5.0 talk but realized i should be over here :D its 7 pages long of the mods i've done to the car and how i felt about them/how they did at the track. Well i took a full bolt on car to 13.5 and then the track closed for winter. Now its re-opened and i have a H/C/I S/C and i have got it down to this!

    "11 seconds was staring right at me. but i can wait a little longer ;p

    Here are the new numbers with the same nittos as before! 315/35/17 Lacking sidewall ;p

    R/T .256
    60' 1.982
    1/8 7.950 WOO!
    MPH 94.62
    1/4 12.050 So close.... I actually had a group of people coming over to my car after each run and cheering me on...Holy crap thats a good feeling. And last but not least. my MPH...wich i have to say was scary!
    MPH 121.24

    I now see my breaks being an issue lol."

    I will post the time slip in the morning. Goodnight guys!
  2. Congratulations! You are all done with the engine, now its time to get that suspension and gearing in check. Easily a low 11, (high 10??) second car when you get it dialed in and are putting down 1.4x-1.5x 60 foot times.

  3. Yowza.... thats flyin...nice work...:nice:
  4. thanks! It should be fun to see what suspension and real traction will do to the car :) but i need to build up the rear end and a new clutch sounds good. so many parts, they should just appear at my door step for free!
  5. already some nice numbers. i'm sure you can break into the 11s with that top end
  6. thanks :D just have to figure out the suspension/maybe tires ;p and rear end
  7. absolutely....

    that mph was up there too, did u have to change ur pants afterwards? i get nervous in traffic when i hit 100 LOL the comments from people at the track you dont even know must've givin you some nice support... keep us updateD!
  8. not bad man... that car sounds like an absolute MONSTER! very very consistent
  9. it hurts my ears! lol. the guy in the RSX said "I have never heard anyone chirp second like that" Then he did his impersonation of it and i almost fell over laughing. (VroooooOOOOOOOOM VROOOSCEEEEEEEECH) :rlaugh:

    Right when i get there i had someone dissing on the guy that did my tune so it was good to throw some 12.0's in his face ;p

    edit: just wanted to throw in there that if im on a flat surface it takes ALOT of spinning to kick the side out. my car squats pretty good for stock suspension :) but i noticed more spinning as the gas tank was lowering so, maybe i only go fast from a stop with a full tank lol.
  10. High 11s no problem, but I doubt you'll do any better then that with those tires.
  11. Awesome job man! :nice: That last run was kinda weird...sounded like it laid over a little...:shrug: Did you figure out what caused it?
  12. I might have not let it cool enough, i just wanted to do one more good run and then go, thats when i did the 12.050. So i figured thats really close and if i could bust into the 11's that would be awesome! but i shifted a tad bit slower and 2-3 gear was really slow lol.

    Also i find it hard to shift at the same point every time. im within a few hundred RPM but i think my fastest run i stayed in second gear untill 6250ish. with a little more practice and some more messing around with tire pressure i bet i could get in there pretty easy. second gear is just a spin fest and im invited :D
  13. 12.050 on a stock suspension car is sick! Just imagine what you'll put down once you get a real suspension under that car! Sounds great, by the way! That thing is screaming!
  14. nice...good job...
  15. thanks! cant wait. taking a short break but the modding/testing will be back to normal here in about three weeks.
  16. Dizzy_ax what gears do u have in the rear end?
  17. i thought your car was opal? it looks white in those videos
  18. nope, its just crystal white. ;p