My quest to an 11 second car

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  1. That's because an auto is an affordable alternative to a really expensive manual.

  2. Yeah i've noticed the autos are nice and cheap :D But i must keep this a stick car! :)
  3. glad you made it into the 11's i ran 11.5 at 121 on my nittos add some loose struts and adj rear shocks and you will be getting close the 50's
  4. March of the Lemmings :)

    There are times when ... It's fun to do things differently :banana:

  5. We all know I will 2nd that :D

    That car is sweet. congrats on all your runs. I can't seem to watch the video though :(
  6. Alright, getting a faceplated tko 600, alum. drive shaft/steeda shifter (might sell it and get a MGW) and a spec 3 clutch. I dont know about the clutch and the shifter choice, but it was a combo of items for a really good price. Dont know what flywheel to go with yet though. Billet steel or alum. We'll see!

    I'll post up what i think about the trans (being faceplated) and how it is to drive. Also going to try to hit the track before it closes down! I'll post a video of me shifting the heck out of the trans :D Should be fun! Here is a video i found of someone ripping through gears with a faceplated trans.

    I put about 800 miles a month on my car, keeping the T-5 for a back up just incase something goes wrong but i think this trans can handle highway use. 5th gear is still a Synchro gear wich will be great, i can get into 5th at about 30 mph and chug along.
  7. Skip the SPEC 3 and go right to the 4+. That's what I did, and the 4+ is totally streetable, don't let anyone convince you otherwise. That transmission is fine for the highway. The final drive ratio is about the same as the T-5.

  8. Im just going to pop the three in for now, then sell it and the shifter if i dont like it. I figure this clutch is going to grab pretty bad. but atleast there are only two things to worry about breaking now :p
  9. The SPEC 3 isn't very grabby at all.

  10. Does the SPEC 3 not hold a 6000-6200 power shift? if so i will just sell it when it gets here and go for the 4+
  11. No, it will hold up ok with your power level. The 3+ and the 4+ have a full face disk, which gives you smoother engagement, so they are actually more streetable than the standard model. The only difference between the 3 and the 4 is that the 3 has dampening springs, and the 4 is a solid hub. Eventually the dampening springs are going to fail if you are constantly launching hard. The 4 is going to come out of the hole harder than the 3, which will give you a better short time, unfortunately it will be harder on your drivetrain. My 4+ was more streetable than my 3. I did have a SPEC 3 in the car for many years, and when I took it out, it was in sellable condition. I got $100 for a used clutch, which I thought was pretty good. Anyway, I wouldn't worry about it breaking, just that the 4+ isn't much more money.

  12. I should mention that it is not a good idea to power shift that transmission. I talked to Liberty gear about it, and they said that it is very easy to powershift the faceplated TKO, but it is simply too much load on the transmission, and it will break. They told me that if I got my transmission faceplated, that I should give it just a touch of clutch in between gears to keep the transmission together.

  13. I thought power shifting was (dont let off the gas while shifting) Im still using my clutch but not letting off the gas. If my T-5 could take it for 100+ trips down the drag strip this trans better hold atleast half of that. :rlaugh:
  14. That's what I always thought powershifting was, too... :shrug: Keep the go-fast foot down the whole time, and just stab the clutch and slam into gear.
  15. No, powershifting is right foot mashed on the gas pedal, and your left foot sitting on the floorboard. Just yank the shifter, and it goes. When you get your transmission faceplated, you are going to be able to do that. It's just not a good idea. I shift my factory 3550 with my foot to the floor (bottle on, yes I know I'm asking for it).

  16. weird, every where i've read thats what power shifting is. lol... Oh well Thats how i shift my car and its pretty fast. Im not going to try any clutchless shifts, Im not that hungry for E/T's ;p
  17. building up rear end, dont know what slick or tire im going to run but im running out of time!

    Just thought id keep you posted, Goal is to get kicked out of the track :)
  18. I've never heard of people doing this before in any transmission with synchros in it. This would be absolute disaster. This sort of shifting is applicable when your gears are dog toothed, like on a Semi Truck. Helical cut gears with synchros will be blown apart without using the clutch.

    Powershifting - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

  19. I've seen people do it with Tremec 3550s and such, but it is murder on the transmission.