My quest to an 11 second car

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  1. the T-5 held up to the power shifting ;p but the synchros didnt like it after the S/C...sad thing is the the stock clutch finally started to give, so i put a stock replacment in with the help of a retarded trans shop and im pretty sure the vibration was caused by that. the teeth on the pressure plate were i didnt need to change my T-5 but figured since i had it apart...why not?:D

    Now i DD my faceplated TKO-600, it obvoisly needs to be rebuilt but at the track its insane...Slides right out of gear and into the other so fast with no effort at all.

    Not hard to drive at all though:) Just have to shift fast, everyone at work thinks i went auto :rlaugh:I enjoy not having syncrhos,

    I didnt want to get stuck at the track with a broken t-5 and i dont think it would have liked what im about to do to my car anyway:notnice:

    I'll get videos before the track closes, I'll either go fast or break something :flag:
  2. How is it on the street? How is it downshifting? I need to get around to faceplating my 3550.

  3. I should make a video, i just down shift and dont rev match, it does the same thing if i do it or not. Kind of a clunk, im guessing the previous owners didnt shift right so i cant get it completly smooth.

    So when im in 5th coming to a stop i clunk down into fourth then third, then it slides into second and first smooth.

    If it didnt need rebuilt im sure alittle rev match it would be smooth, but i dont know :\

    Basically if you dont shift fast it grindes, but i love slamming through the gears :)
  4. So far Im just ripping the crap out of my t5 till it goes. I clutch, but I shift pretty fast imo.

    YouTube - SN95 Mustang GT Procharged H/C/I Drag Racing

    Wish the bottom end was actually holding the boost :( I'm So down on power right now it's crazy.
    *car has a friend mislabeled the vid*
  5. Having it faceplated takes care of the rebuild synchro wise. Getting the bearings changed out isn't going to make it shift any better.

  6. Not bad, but you can shift a little faster. Watch Killercanary's in car video.

  7. Perhaps but nothing short of powershifting where it's worth anything more than a few hundreths.

    I attribuite most to a notchy shifter. It's either in the B&M ripper (which I'd like to go MGW) or the 186k transmission :p

    Thanks though!
  8. Yeah, you would have to powershift it to get it any quicker, and you are probably making a good choice not doing that with a transmission with that many miles on it. I have a B&M and it's my favorite shifter.

  9. Sounded good :)

    I just had the slicks i was going to buy tomorrow get bought out from under me :\

    Now i have to rush to get some! Bleh that sucks lol....

    Mine ran a 12.7 the first time out too lol,the tuner had to take some fuel out of the top and add some down low. then i hit a 11.98

    Off to find slicks/wheels!
  10. I got the rear end built! Eaton L/S with some mosor HD axles. I went overkill and got 31 spline ;p

    Time for some slicks and away i go!

    If you havnt kept up im aiming for low 11's (getting kicked out for not having a roll bar would be bad but i cant put one in without a timeslip or video to remind myself ;p)

    But you never know! My car could run like crap and the best i do is an 11.50. We'll see.
  11. Well the time has come, putting slicks on and skinnies in the front. Guess the big question is how much modding has to be done to fit them. We'll see! I've seen so many different set ups that said no mods done just fit and others who went through hell to get them on.

    I'll post some pictures of what i did to actually get them to fit ;p I have two weeks!
  12. Hey Dizzy, can you give me a rundown of your shortblock?
    Thinking I might be going a budget 306 for the time being.
  13. Its stock! ;p

    What do you need to know?

    I bet you'd get a laugh out of this but im building a talon:rlaugh:

    Going to be fun! Again let me know what you need to know lol.
  14. Hrm...I always thought it was a 306 for some reason. That's awesome btw! :D
  15. Building a Hx35 auto 92 :D. I think the 306 is a good idea :) Plus that'd get you some seat time with the blower/tune :)

    You'll love it once its back up and running strong :D

    Keep me informed! I want to see that thing in the 11's :flag:
  16. Well i order wheels from a guy on corral on friday the 9th, still hasnt shipped them so i guess bye bye season.....

    Oh well... Im going to ask for a refund or ill claim it up ;p

    Guess i get to start my other build a little early :\
  17. Hey Dizzy, I think you mentioned earlier in this thread or in a message to me some Weld knockoffs from Summit or something? I'm looking for Prostars soon, but would really prefer to save a buck if I can. You have any idea on who sells some knockoffs?
  18. Jegs/Summit both sell some nockoffs, but i think used is the best bet for cheap and a full set. Just watch out who you buy from lol!

    Some people are complete flakes...
  19. Ive been power shifting my 3550 since last summer. It still works :D
  20. I saw some Summit knock offs of the CCW style drag rims. I think those are a better buy than the ProStars. They are a little more money than the Weld knock offs, but they don't have any clearance issues with the brakes.