My Race Pages Magazine Debut!

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  1. 1395870428081.jpg 1395870516575.jpg Well its official, I finally was able to get a little press on the car. Mike Galimi from Race Pages Magazine was down a few weeks ago when we were doing some blower testing. He wrote a great tech article on the Xb105 and Xb110 blowers and my car was the chosen test mule. This is the first time anything like this has happened for me and frankly I'm a little excited. All of this wouldn't be possible without the help of good people such as my best friend Kris @All Out Automotive, Chris Alston Jr from Chassisworks, Lance from Vortech Superchargers and @Sharad from UPR (even though he's a procharger guy, lol). You should be able to get the digital copy on Nmra's website soon or if you have access to the printed version make sure to pick up the May issue!
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  3. Damn I forgot how much I enjoyed getting race pages. Congrats Nick. Stuff like that helps make it all worth while
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  4. Why's it gotta be about race? :notnice:
  5. Wow! Can't believe you went there.... Shame it won't be much of a race between you and I since you're sporting those 2.73 gears and all :rolleyes:
  6. Cool deal man that's Awesome!!
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  7. Yeah but if he switched to 4.10s imagine how much worse it would be
  8. Nick's famous! Congrats. I can't wait to see that thing make a pass!
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  9. Congrats Nick. Great article on a great guy. Be sure to remember us little people .lol
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  10. Famous... Not quite, at least not in your company ;)
  11. Track rental is scheduled for next Tuesday, I'll have some more to add to my progress thread after that I'm sure!
  12. Oh listen to this! I'm nobody. People are only nice to me because they want the hook up on parts! (note- I'm not counting you in that group. You're an actual friend)
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  13. dis track rental thing?
  14. Basically renting the track for private use during the day. Usually 10-15 cars and everyone puts up about 200$ and you get 8-5 to do whatever you want on the track. If you wanted to foot race, race your bmx bike or just 60' the car and back up 10 times its fair game. Its a much slower and more private pace than being under the microscope of a regular test and tune night with a few hundred people in attendance.
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  15. Right on. Congrats and well deserved!
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  16. :hail::hail::hail::drool::win: **** everything else. Your car wins at life.
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  17. I was just about to post a shout out and congrats to you as all out just posted it on there FB page . congrats dude @84Ttop
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  18. Also my buddy has a subscription at work so I can't wait to read it , it's one of the few print media that still has some good stuff
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  19. We're gonna have to start calling you "Big Nick."