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Still got to try a little lube on my speedo head
Jul 12, 2017
Hopefully someone can help me fix it. I’ve replaced the cable, properly lubing it and making sure that it went in the sheath nice and smooth. It is not binding. It turns freely. My original speedo cluster bounces around to no end. So I swapped out my speedo cluster with another one which works fine but makes a :poo: load of noise. I am certain it’s not the cable. I think it’s in the drum that spins on the head unit of the cluster. I’ve cleaned it, it’ll get better and then make noise again. I’m sick and tired of pulling out the cluster. I feel like something is going to finally break, all those connectors for the lamps, the green ribbon back there, etc. I know that at least one of the thousands of members on here has had to deal with this. I read that it’s not a good idea to oil the back of the cluster but it seems that this could help. I haven’t done it cuz I read not I do that. What the hell can I do to fix this annoying problem???
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Nov 6, 2016
Can't help, but I feel your pain. The colder it is, the more noise mine makes. After driving for a few miles, the noise does subside.


Still got to try a little lube on my speedo head
Jul 12, 2017
Mine doesn’t subside, but I think it’s worse when it’s cold.


Still got to try a little lube on my speedo head
Jul 12, 2017
Just wondering if there’s a fix for the speedo head. There has to be.

General karthief

wonder how much it would cost to ship you a pair
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Aug 25, 2016
polk county florida
Here is a link to jrichker's write-up on the bouncing and squeaking speedometer, I know, I know, you have already done the things in the thread, but hey, maybe it will encourage you to not lube the speed gauge itself.
There used to be a speedometer shop near me but the old guy is gone now and the young man that took it over didn't last long.


Still got to try a little lube on my speedo head
Jul 12, 2017
Yeah I’ve searched speedo shops in my area and can’t find one. I guess I’ll have to search out Speedo’s on eBay and hope one of them works properly. I’ll have to match up the numbers for the mileage. Anyone done that before?


Still got to try a little lube on my speedo head
Jul 12, 2017
I spoke to a guy on the forum who has manually reset the mileage. Ill give it a try. I would like it functional if possible.


Still got to try a little lube on my speedo head
Jul 12, 2017
The green lube that the cable came with from LMR> I don't think its the cable, Blown. The needle will jump around a little and the sound is consistent with the jumps. And its really not a sweak. It sounds mechanical.


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Nov 13, 1999
Palm Beach Gardens, FL
You could be right...however...Chinese lube, could be toxic crap. Probably a copy of Corrosion Block, also green, but extremely expensive, which I would not hesitate to use for this application & many others. $20 for a 16oz tub. They now make 3oz tubes.
I use the aerosol spray all the time, $20/can. These are versions of aerospace products, ACF-50

I would spray Corrosion Block on the drum that spins on the head unit of the cluster. This stuff is so good, it resurrected the driver's power window switches which work just like new now. If I only had the liquid aerosol, I would use it on the cable, too. I'm in a high humidity environment & switches are easily corroded. Once sprayed with Corrosion Block, it seems to last forever, I mean like years.

West Marine is a stocking dealer, as well as Amazon, etc.
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i'm familiar with penetration
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Feb 18, 2001
Odometer recal is easy.

See the rod the white idler teeth ride on?

Basically tap it loose from one end, spin the odometer wheels to desired miles, and the reset the white wheels and tap the bar back in


Look, a 0 mile speedometer. Bet you never saw that before.


Honestly, its so easy it's scary.
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