Progress Thread My return to the fray (Backwards fox progress thread)

Discussion in 'Fox 5.0 Mustang Tech' started by madmike1157, Dec 9, 2012.

  1. So today I decided to start what most of you knew would happen anyway. I'm going to start a fox build. Only instead of getting the body ready first i'm coming at it from behind so to speak.
    Electronics, engine, and trans will all be built in anticipation of the home it will eventually take up residence in. I'm going to "wade into it " per se' as opposed to my usual method of plunging in headfirst, biting off little chunks at a time. W/ this being the first Christmas in recordable history that I haven't had a car, or project car in my garage, the "What do you want for Christmas?" from my wife questions went unanswered for the last 60 days, as for once,...I had nothing I really wanted. Until today.

    So this morning at breakfast when the question came around again,...It hits me. I mean why fight it? I'm addicted to the build. So I tell her what I want,...I name my drug of choice,.. and return to a state of comfortable numbness.

    I already have the entire build plan in my head. But this time I gotta keep it real. The Christmas present will be my first contribution to the build thread in the form of a DIY build on a megasquirt ECU set up to handle fuel, distributorless ignition and........BOOST......about 35psi of it.

    So whadya say, anybody interested in learning how to put together one of those kits?
  2. You already have the car selected Mike?
  3. Copy cat lol
  4. The car is gonna be as I told you earlier Noobz, A Fairmont Futura, or a Mercury Zephyr. I will wait till spring to start that search, but I hope I can find a unmolested grandpa car w/ really nice paint. I'd keep that dude stock initially, w/ my planned TT power plant under the hood.

    The plan is to use the 2.3 I have in the corner I took out of last years Mustang built to reliably handle 400-450 whp. Small (ish) twin wheezers making up for the lack of wow when I open the hood, piped through an A toA intercooler, watered down w/ meth to keep it all together blowing in through 2 twin 58mm TB's (if that'll work). All of that in front of an non-computer controlled AOD, ( cause I don't wanna lift to shift) running to an 8.8.
  5. I am very interested in seeing the trials and tribulations of a standalone system install. I went back and forth a million times about going standalone, so I'm excited to see you take that route.
  6. A Fairmont will be a pretty cool build.
  7. If I can stand the wait between now, and the eventual completion of the project, you'll get to see it Scott. I expect that you'll long since have your's running by then. It'll be old news by then:shrug:
  8. I thought you said MM that you might consider a fox body again - but not go retro with it?
  9. Two door or four?
  10. Thanks for the warning, Mike. I'll start saving my pennies and dimes now for when you're ready to sell. :D
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  11. good to see you back and with a build plan. Im looking forward to watching this build as well
  12. I'm not going retro w/ it ( as much as a fairmont will let me not go that is)
    I saw an artist rendering 25 years ago of a fairmont brought up to speed w/ some styling cues that I plan to incorporate.
    The interior will be pretty far from traditional I'll tell you that much.
    I really wish I knew a design artist that could illustrate my design plan for all to see, describing it in text only will get the same reaction as telling somebody I plan to put 1968 tail lights on a fox mustang.;)
    Err,......Futura/Z7 = two door sport coupe. The one w/ the diamond rear quarter window.:nice:

    Good,...... see me in about two years,..... That'll mean I'll have had it running about a month.:banana:

    Good,....Maybe I won't roll it of the drive way, almost set it on fire, poke my other eye out, or dump the entire crankcase out on the floor when I start it up this time.:scratch:

  13. What's the fun in that? :shrug:
  14. It just wouldnt be a project if most of that stuff (injury not included) didnt happen along the way. I just picked up another 90 mustang to completely start my project over again. its my daily driver right now but, in about 5 months i will be getting the wife a newish car and then, the rear mount turbo drag car insanity will begin again.

    My high school budy had an old fairmont futura that he thought was a hot rod with its little straight six. good luck with your new build
  15. MM - I'm just not getting why a Fairmont? - all that time, $$ ,energy .....I see some of them as drag cars which is pretty cool - but a project car -:scratch:
  16. Ahhh Chig,...(You don't mind if I call you Chig,...Do you Chig?) If you'd paid any attention to the other build, you'd know I have a certain disdain for conventionality. You just don't see the car the way I do. If I could find a car that looks like the bottom two examples, I'd think I have died and went to heaven. I've had 5 of these cars,...all set as drag cars. This project will not be a drag car, nor will it resemble one.
    The Design "Wish list" will be built on the pro-touring theme, w/ 18" wheels sporting big assed rubber, 315-335's on back, 245's on front.
    A 3 link rear w/ a torque arm in back,( all home made of course), and tubular stuff up front. I'll do the same ladder style SF connectors w/ jacking rails, and some interior connectors making up a kind of double frame rail up top.
    There will be some external cosmetic "things" I plan to do, but none will be to the extreme of the other car.
    It will be the interior that will make this car,...but I will not give up any of those plans just yet.

    I guess you'll just have to wait. About two years. Maybe you'll get it then.:banana:
  17. be sure to take many pics. im interested in seeing this home made 3 link torque arm set up and sub frame rails
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  18. MM - with your skills... I'm sure you could make anything ...even a "Fairmont' ....into a killer pro-touring ride.....I don't think you mentioned pro touring before....I'm actually warming up to that ...slammed / large wheels .....ummmm....I think I like ........just don't call me "Chig" - I don't work in Scotts garage....o_O
  19. I got the "Chig" from your screen name. Trying like hell to figure it out. Figured if I sounded it out, the chg would sound as the way I've spelled it. It is in no way any reference to whether or not you work shirtless for .50 a day though.
  20. Hahaha.....I'm from Chicago MM - it's an acroynm....Chgo = Chicago and the VFK is an acroynm from when my grandfather (who spoke perfect German in most dialects) played both sides of the 'fence' in WWII as a G-2 for Patton....the VFK is from his insigna from the Wehrmacht patch he saved.