Progress Thread My return to the fray (Backwards fox progress thread)

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  1. It does seem a bit odd that 4 > 8, but hey, I'm an Aggie, we ain't knowed fer our maths.
  2. Don't you just hate it when you're stranded on some oil exploration vessel, and out of sheer nothing better to do you end up paying attention, and responding to a progress thread that isn't progressing?o_O
  3. Haha, isn't it though, Mike? Isn't it?
  4. Arizona eh? Did you notice that I live in Birmingham, 1800 miles away? Each way?:shrug:

    Not if I ship it to your doorstep for $500 one way...................:)
  5. Well, two more hours beating my head against the wall. I've decided to definitely use a Volvo B234f head. Problem is.....a B234f head complete w/ valve cover as it would come from a JY pick is the proverbial aluminum dinosaur. It appears that they were around in the paleolithic era of the early 2000's,...but in our day....not even fossils to be found.
  6. ive got one. But its on my DD!


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  7. oops, not quite the same monster i dont think
  8. I'd guess you're saying, dont have a DOHC head on your car?:shrug:
  9. well i do, but its a 5 cylinder
  10. Hey Mike, if your 4 cyl stuff is going to cost as much or more than v8 stuff, why not build a tt v8 to make 450 to the wheels. I know you have the 4 cyl already but, Im sure you could find a 302 or 351 pretty cheap.
  11. early on in the thread he stated that he wanted to do something different and build a high boost 4 cyl. It's Mike, so standard rank and file isn't what your gonna find on this side of the tracks, mayne.
  12. He has known me on here as long or longer than anybody else Collin. Matter of fact he is the only one to actually lay eyes on the last project, so he should know that I do not walk a straight line.......even when I'm sober.:banana:
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  13. I gotta admit, Nik is right. The build is what I really like. Even when just buying parts.
    It's the research, the part scrounge, the find, and decision to purchase that particular part that has me spending too much time back on the stupid computer.

    Case in point, my recent purchase:

    My new pump: Actually two pumps in one housing. The one pump working during normal operation, and the other coming online, after being triggered by boost at a preset level. ( don't ya just love technology).

    $319.00 plus 25.00 summitbucks that I'll be able to use against the regulator purchase. :nice:

    This pump is mega over kill for a 4 cylinder. rated to support 1400 HP on gas. Like 105 gallons of fuel pumped per hour. I could really get away w/ the step down below that, but it'd be a single pump w/o the backup.
    But since I plan this build for E85, the extra capacity will be extra insurance to keep it fed.

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  14. The last project was amazing to see in person. I know that Mike will definately build his car his way. I can also relate to wanting to build something different. I guess my last comment was just looking at being more budget friendly. That fuel pump is something i will have to look into down the road too. I need better research skills when it comes to this stuff lol.
  15. More research.

    I'm about 30 minutes from buying a complete volvo head for the little 4 banger. As it is w/ V8's, induction is the key to power, and right now, a Volvo B234F head is the best head out there for this stupid little engine.
    Problem is, don't just bolt on.
    I mean it will "bolt on" but it is about an inch too short in back. (So you have to have a 1x1" block of alum tigged across the back of the head to cover exposed water passages in the block.
    The pressurized oil passage has to be reloc'd, the drain backs re drilled.
    The head itself is actually off center bore spacing wise, but not so much as to cause interference issues, and CP makes a piston that actually takes that into consideration. (just means that the only piston I can use is one from CP)
    The block dowels don't line up.
    The Volvo head uses the intake cam to drive their distributor, so you gotta block it off and weld it closed.
    You have to modify (read grind open the holes) in a FP wire lock or Cometic head gasket to match the head/block water passage mis match (can you even fathom grinding on a head gasket that is gonna see 25 psi of boost)?
    The posted pics from the guys that did this swap are old, and look like the guys that did it are named either Frank, Enn, or Stein.

    This actually doesn't look bad, but look how much stuff is going on:
    And, I seeing things or does it look like dude might be ducting waste gate exhaust back into the exhaust at the turbo inlet?

    I mean I've seen TT'd V8's w/ full serpentine accessories included that don't look like anywhere near as "busy" as these examples do,and I intend to have PS and A/C on mine.:doh:

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  16. cool examples. good luck with fabbing up all the above mentioned stuff up. Are you planing to run 2 injectors per cyl like on the other big turbo drag car you had? Im sure you could run E85 with some big 80lb injejectors or something but, it would make an already "busy" looking eng comp look even more full.
  17. No, I'll run the biggest single injector that makes sense for what I want to do. I plan to mount the turbo way forward like Scott (RaceOholic) to get it out of the space immediately next to the engine, provided it doesn't compromise how quickly it gets up on boost. I don't know jack about turbo's yet, but what I do know is that the AR I end up w/ will directly affect that when all of that crap is taken into consideration.
    I am intrigued that the tiny assed engine will safely handle more power than a stock 5.0 w/0 block integrity issues, so I gotta admit,...I am looking forward to the day I get my "Pit Bull" Fairmont rolling.

    This one is remotely close to the direction I plan to go,..But w/ bigger, wider wheels, a lower stance, and a few minor body mods that I plan to add to it.
  18. You're right about the AR of the turbo being important to how quickly it will spool up. I unfortunately dont know exactly how to figure that one out. That is why I let the guys at STS recommend the turbo I needed. A turbo exhaust side blanket and wrapping the exhaust is supposed to help keep heat in and help the turbo build boost quicker too.
  19. Mike, I love it! Looking forward to you working your magic on this one and have always wanted to build a sleeper out of one of the old fairmonts. I was really thinking a coyote, but the 2.3 has always been a motor I wanted to play with. Almost bought a Merkur, but ended up moving. As far as the turbocharging, "Maximum Boost" by Corky Bell explains the vast majority of turbo mapping. Its a bit beyond my normal reading, but goes into the overall engineering of a turbo set-up. Good luck, and I'll be following.