My Ring And Pinion Pattern (picture)

Discussion in 'SN95 4.6L Mustang Tech' started by rockyracoon, May 4, 2013.

  1. Hey guys,

    Can you guys please comment on this pattern. There is no noise on accel or decel. Backlash was set at .010 . However there seems to be what sounds to me like tire noise but im not sure. the noise( if memory serves) was there with the stock rear however it seems to be a little intensified. During my setup on the ford racing 410s I initially went with the factory shim which was 0.32 and the pattern seemed too far to the top of the teeth so I installed a shim of o.34 and it drove the pattern in a little farther towards the root. the tires are almost new but they are primewells and the car previously sat in one spot for like 6 months although I cant find any flat spots. in the picture the pattern seems almost centered but im debating if it needs to go a hair deeper.
  2. Is this a new ring and pinon or re-used?

    What weight and type gear oil are you using?

    The pattern looks very slightly towards the root. However, it doesn't seem off enough to me to justify re-shimming. Especially if a 0.32 pinion shim resulted in a pattern too far to the outside.

    I personally wouldn't do anything with a pattern like that unless there was excessive noise. IMO it's naive to think that 4.10's wouldn't be just a little louder than stock.

    I personally would rule out any other sources of noise before disassembling what is likely a "good" setup.

    Consider that the ring and pinion have already done some wearing into each other. It is possible that changing the set up now may make it louder until the ware pattern breaks in to the new contact area.
  3. Yes it is a new r&p. Only drove to work and back 3 times. I used 2 qts of syn 75 w 140 and used a little 75w 90 syn to top it off plus the f modifier.