My screwed up day

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  1. This is talk so I'm talking lol

    Well work was boring cause i had nothing to do all day. I come home and find that my Ex gf sent me an email coming clean on all the lies she told me. She said it was hurting her to much cause she still loves me. Too bad she had here chance. I was kinda upset after that so I talked to my friend and felt a little better. Went to the fire house for training and theres this 16 year old girl over there which is HOT and she was talking to me and stuff cause we're friends. She called me cute a couple times ya know no bid deal I was like yeah ok. She kept stealing my hat and wearing it which I thougt was kinda odd but i shrugged it off. We get back to the station and she asks for a ride home so I said ok well on the way to my truck she asks why I always look upset. I told her have had a lot on my mind and she asks what so i told her about the email and about another girl that likes me but I just don't know what i want right now. She starts on this thing hat in her opnion i deserve better cause i'm good looking, funny, have a good sense of humor. She asks who the other girl is I was like her name is Amanda actually and she lives in Florida she goes oh well theres an Amanda in PA that likes you too. :jaw:. I just looked at her and she asked for a hug and said we'll keep in touch and asked for another hug and got out of the truck. Then I get home and my damn budy list is GONE

    What A Day (OH BTW I'm 22 so a 16 year old is kinda young lol)
  2. You a firefighter? Just curious cause that is what I do on the side for fun. I work full time as a police officer and part time with emergency services and then volunteer for a all volunteer fire/rescue dept. Believe me I speak from experience when I say that some female juniors are there to learn cause that is what they want to do. The others are there to hang around cute firemen. We had on in my station that was the second that I mentioned and she took a strong interest in me. Well I am generally a nice person and help people out and done the same thing for her. Well she took it a little different and I did not put my foot down fast enough and tell her that I was more than willing to be her friend but that was it and she thought that it was something more. Well to shorten it up she almost got me in some serious trouble with some stories that were not true. I am not saying that she is like this but I just thought I would share my experience.
  3. oh out for that statutory rape law :nonono:
  4. yup i'm a volly lol I don't know that could be it or might just be the fact that i'm like the nicest to her over there the rest of the juniors always pick on her. Or maybe its just cause i'm so damn HOT she can't resist me lol. I was already gettign looks by some other members cause of her wearing my hat I always wear a hat if i'm out unless theres a call and i run out without it
  5. dude I can sympathise with you i dumped my gf of a year and a half and started talking to this new girl who tells me the same thing you heard basically and i work with her mom she keeps telling me how much nicole her daughter likes me so we spent 5 straight days together then some prick i work with tells her that this last weekend i was planning on doing 3 chicks in one night which upset this chick now she wont even speak to me at all which is a shame cause she was uber hot. Dang people who are jealous the dude that told her that has been trying to get with her but she wont cause she doesnt like him so he decided to ruin me.

  6. LOL yeah not a good thing I've been trying to get pics of her she said tonight that if i gave her a reason she'd let me take some so we'll see
  7. dude, i don't think losing the buddy list was the virus thing... that didn't happen to anyone else... but that's my bad for getting it

    btw: that happens on aim sometime, same thing happened to me a while back and the list came back the next day. it happened to a friend too, but his list didn't return.
  8. yeah mines still not back ****ing thing
  9. i dont know what it is about amanda's like in love with this one girl amanda, and a buddy of mine from another state who posts on here too rarely is also in love with an amanda..........hmmmmmmmm :shrug: