My second 05 encounter: Saw the Cow (05 GT test mule)

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  1. you know? the one with all the black spots over the white paint to prevent spy pictures...

    I was driving down from Tampa to Ft Lauderdale on Tuesday 3/16. I stopped in Naples at around 7-7:30 pm and there is was. Sitting there, waiting for somebody or something... This time I did not have my camera with me or I would have snapped a couple of pictures for you all... We have all seen this car in pictures in the net many times...

    This car, the red for the Doral, and the 2 silver ones in ft lauderdale beach... there is a lot of 05 action down here in So Fla... Does anybody has an idea why? is there a testing facility around here?
  2. I would have waited and followed the guy to see where he went, LOL. :D
  3. actually they were probably measuring the how the vehicle handles high speed for long duration and how it reacts to moisture in the air. South florida on i-95 have been used extensively and there are lots of tracks in florida homestead being fairly close. The guy who posted the vid of the red one said it was there for the golf event it may be making the dealership rounds. If so I will find out.

  4. There is a Ford testing facility right outside of Naples ..... THAT is why ....
  5. really time to move to naples lol
  6. Dang I wish I could see one. Nothing in STL....
  7. I'm starting to wonder if Ford is making the preproduction model more visible to the public on purpose to add to the hype and anticipation. Obviously, cars need to be tested before their release, but I've never heard of any other American car with this many sightings before the release.
  8. they are definately playing it up... they have to there is a huge investment in this car and there focus line didn't do to well in its intro. Granted different car, different enthusiast base but still this car is a big gamble. I have to say as evidenced by the mach1 and new gt's development ford is definately listening to us for once
  9. Yeap, Roger, that was me also... That's why I said second encounter ;)

    Definitely not the same car... this one had the cow paint scheme...
  10. I have. BMW Z4s were all over the place months before the official introduction. It worked - added a lot to the hype for the new one.
  11. remember ford is trying to go for an upper scale owner with this car. Trying to raise the bar in every facet in order to appeal to all the 350 z owners out there
  12. Ford's not trying that hard. Just look at the rear suspension. :p