My Sn95 Broke Down

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  1. So last night i was cruising with my friend, he was driving his 01 Eclipse and i was driving my 94 GT. He hit 100 on the bridge and shredded his belt. This morning we hit the part store and got a belt. On the way to his car, mine cuts off rolling down the road. Everything just shut off, lost brakes and power steering. Managed to pull into a parking lot. Went to start the car and it wouldn't crank. We diagnosed it as the coil pack. Wasn't getting any ignition. I checked the coil pack and it wasn't getting any spark. Replaced it, getting spark now. But I'm still not getting any spark to the plugs. Checking under the distributor cap tomorrow morning. Any thoughts?
  2. I would probably refrain from "hitting 100" on a public road for starters. Your story doesn't make much sense either. So the car doesn't crank? the coil makes the spark, doesn't get the spark. an ignition problem is not likely to cause the car not to crank...confused. Please drive more responsibly in the future, I share the same roads you do with the general population and I think we all would appreciate making it home alive at the end of the day!
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  3. You said you are getting spark at the plugs? Pull a spark plug. Make sure you didn't foul the crap out of them cranking it too much.

  4. 100 on the road and 15's at the track.. Fuel pump priming?
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  5. He was driving fast, not me. We lost him at a red light and he was catching up. Anyways, yea I'm getting spark from the coil pack to the distributor. But it's not going to the spark plugs. I changed the distributor cap and rotor button this morning. Still not starting. I checked a spark plug last night and there was no spark at the plugs. Yes, fuel pumps priming.
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  7. Quite likely the PIP in the distributor but you might want to check for trouble codes (DTC's) first.
  8. I got a buddy that's mustang genius lol, he's thinking ICM. I thought that the ICM told the coil pack to spark so I sorta ruled it out. Seems like I was wrong.
  9. Of course, I do a Lil research on google. And the first thing I read "A vehicle's ignition module controls the timing and functioning of spark plugs." I feel dumb as hell, but ima chalk it up as a learning experience. I'll post results tomorrow after I install it
  10. ICM didn't work. Not sure what else is going on. I've replaced the coil pack, distributor cap, rotary button and ICM. Still nothing
  11. The icm on our cars are not prone to failure like the fox bodies.

    My money is on the PIP.
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  12. I'm starting to think it's a fuel issue. As many times as I've been trying to start it I still don't smell fuel. But the fuel pumps coming up to pressure. Maybe fuel filter but it's odd for it to just die the way it did for it to be the fuel filter
  13. Stop guessing, it'll save you money.

    If it was running/driving and if the engine shut off, like a switch was flipped, I'd say pip.

    If you suspect fuel, rent a pressure guage and check.
    While you're at it, buy an in line spark tester.
    Weak/intermittent spark is the same as no spark.

    You should have pulled the codes first thing.
  14. I would have pulled codes but I dont have anything to and it's not like I can drive it to advanced lol. But I've ruled out fuel. I checked the terminals on the cap. They're definitely not getting a spark. But the coil packs sending it. I've checked the wire from the coil pack to the distributor and it's sending through the wire. I've checked a terminal on the cap that goes to a spark plug and that terminals not getting the spark. Ima try to clean out all the carbon from the distributor. My buddy here on base who I went through boot camp with and is supposedly a "certified master mechanic" told me the carbon build up wasn't excessive, but when my dad looked at the picture I sent to him again he said that it was way to much. And from what I've been hearing the pick up module is probably what's bad. I do have a guy that said he might be able to get a hold of something to pull codes. Here's hoping.
  15. Replace the distributor. You already answered your own question.
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  16. Here's how to check for codes without a reader. If you plan on keeping the car for $22 you can buy a reader here.
  17. Definitely Gunna need to get that reader. Bout to go out and clean the distributor.
  18. Noone rebuilds their distributors? Its easier and cheaper to get a Motorcraft one and install it. You dont want to buy a whole distributor just to get a generic electrical part. If you cant do it bring the distributor to a machine shop. But whatever you do make sure you get a Motorcraft PIP.

    Here is an idea of what needs to be done.
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  19. What's your time worth?