My stang got rammed!!!

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  1. Well, I was just chillin in taco bell when my friend bill stands up and says OH ****, Dan, that guy just backed into your car. So we walk outside because the guy puled around and parked again. So heres the damage.

    The hood is done. And I need a new one...
    The headlight and side marker are finished.
    The beizel for the headlights needs to be replaced.
    And the front bumper has a gouge in it.

    So heres what I need to find out.

    Where is a good place to get a 96 cobra hood and front bumper. Preferable new. If I have to drop an extra 150-200 to have all new Cobra hood and bumper and lights. Im gonna do it. I have up[ to 500 but Id like to save for other stuff as well.

    Anyone know where a good place is to get body parts. Ill post picks tomorrow when its light out. It looks like the guys truck sat on the front corner of me car.

    EDIT:BTW, Ive gotten 2 quotes so far. One for $2016, and $2395. Both of witch are gonna charge this guy $551 for a new stock hood. So If I can get an aftermarket hood for cheaper. Then I have extra muney left over to get foglights, another cobra hedlight, and a bumper.
  2. That sucks dude..

    These things are sometimes good though (when not ur fault) cause you make your car better.. The cobra hood and front is a step in the right direction :nice: I dont know of a good place to get them though.

  3. Holy Shoot!

    How fast was this guy going? Musta been really hungry?

    For your parts, I guess it depends where ya live. Shipping a hood is pretty expensive. In my case, it would cost a fortune for shipping a hood, so a real cobra hood would cost me less at the SVT dealer.
  4. I did a quick check for you in the FRP 2004 catalog.

    2000 Cobra R hood part #m-16612-ROO $535.00
    1995 Cobra R hood part #m-16612-R58 $525.00

    These are suggested retail prices. Some dealers will deal, for instance, the club I'm in gets a 15% discount (minimum) on all parts, ford or SVT.
  5. Work with the body shop you chose for repairs some will allow you to get other parts for your car like a cobra hood (as long as they are they same price) and just repair it as a stock repair.
  6. Actually my friend bill knows the owner of the shop I working with. So dealing with him wont be a problem. Alls I got to do is give him the money for laborand paint when I get it and then I have the rest to get the hood and bumper and stuff.
  7. Well here are some pics. Im gonna be too busy tomorrow so I decided to take them tonight.

  8. Damn that's horrible man....sorry about that.

  9. did he not even touch the fender???
  10. :scratch: i didnt know we had fiberglass hoods
  11. Like I said before the stock hood costs $551 through the body shop. And I looked into the compand Age Classic Design. They can get me a 96 cobra bumper and hood for $608 plus shipping.

    So Im starting at about$50 out of my pocket for the cobra hood and bumper. Where should I look into getting the nice headlights I see on the cobras and the foglights. Anyone know a good place to get those for a good price.
  12. E-bay, lol but really if you find a reputable seller they will prob be the cheapest, is that the hood you want, you can get most any hood for about 350$. Is he gonna charge you anything extra to prep and prime etc and spray the new parts? If not your getting a good deal
  13. mytight95. Thats what all the body shops are charging for the stock hood. They all use the same supplier. every price on every part it the same. The advantage I have is that since someone else hit my car and I know the owner of the body shop, I can do this.

    Body shop charges this for the parts.
    $551.20 for hood
    $141.25 for the one headlight
    $50.60 for one sidemarker
    TOTAL - 743.05

    Total cost at lets say (I just checked this one out, Im thinking about this site instead)

    $379.95 for 96 Cobra hood including shipping
    $329.95 for cobra bumper cover
    $93.90 for cobra foglights
    $239.95 for cobra headlights and sidemarkers.
    TOTAL - 1043.75


    Thats roughlt $300 its gonna cost me. Paint and labor will all be paid for. Should I do it?
  14. i would check ebay for better deals on the headlights and foglights, you can also find the cobra bumper for cheaper on ebay too