My stang is too loud... Exaust setup questions

Discussion in 'Fox 5.0 Mustang Tech' started by Dangalang, Oct 3, 2003.

  1. My stang sounds awesome when it's idling... But it friggin screams at WOT. I have an O/R hpipe. What should I get instead that won't restrict my airflow, yet is quieter? A quieter, deaper tone would be nice
  2. Check out Magnaflows and maybe an o/r x pipe. I have them and I think they sound better than any other set up I've heard.
  3. Oh yeah, I have 2 chamber flowmaster mufflers
  4. FWIW, I just did some resarch in the archives here and on the other mustang internet messageboard and found that the most recommended performance muffler for quieting down exhaust is the Dynomax Superturbos. People say that it'll make it just louder than stock. Most people prefer their mustangs loud and so a lot of people that had them didn't like the sound of the mufflers saying they were too quiet.

    I found a video of them and thought they sounded just fine. I ordered them shortly, thereafter. I also found a guy who dynoed the exact same swap that I am doing (from flowmaster 2 chambers with stock pipes, to Dynomax Superturbos with 2.5" pipes) and picked up 8 rwhp on what he said was a "near-stock Cobra."

    If they actually pick up that much power, I would be ecstatic. I'm not holding my breath. If they didn't pick up a damned thing I'll still be pleased as long as they don't have the annoying highway drone of the flowmasters.

    Good luck,

  5. the '89 has off road h with Dynomax Superturbos. It's QUIET for sure... I can't say a whole lot of positive things about the quality of the Superturbo kit, but it is relatively inexpensive, and you do get what you pay for. Nothing terrible, just not as nice as some other kits i have worked with. If you want to keep your off road pipe AND be quiet, superturbos will do the trick.
  6. 3 chamber flows would be quieter too.
  7. Bassani Cats are extremely quiet, but they do not restrict flow. Others I've had like BBKs are just as loud -- that would be my thought.
  8. I would look into quieter mufflers. You could put a catted pipe, but start with the mufflers. I like my Magnaflow catback with o/r x pipe. I thought it would be louder. It is almost too quiet, but that is what I wanted quiet, sleeper.
  9. I have LTs, and a prochamber which is quiet at idle, and at WOT sounds very good. I would suggest an X, Prochamber, or catted H if you want the flows or just get a new catback, and keep the rest the same.
  10. Do they even make the pre-flowpath MAC's anymore? I don't like the sound of the Flowpath's compared to the old MAC's. I just ran over a friggin tree branch last night and it busted 1 of my flowmasters off. I wanna get the MAC's but I want that nice powerful sound but not from Flowmasters. I'm runnin a Bassani X-pipe w/ BBK EL headers right now.
  11. 3-chamber flows, and the super turbos will get rid of the drone and be quieter.
  12. prochamber, is quiet at idle and throaty at wot
  13. Mine is not much louder than stock at idle, and has a nice but relatively quiet drone at higher rpms. You can tell it's an aftermarket exhaust, but it doesn't wake the dead by anymeans....3chamber flows, mac cat hpipe, mac shorties.

    just my 2cents
  14. Magnaflow :banana: :banana: Maybe Im a little biased
  15. 2 chambers and an off road pipe are very loud, 3 chambers would keep the same sound but a little quieter, but super turbos would make it alot quieter, and the tone would change to a deaper throater sound. I've have all three mufflers and the dynomax super turbo is inexpensive, decent quality, and quiet. if you put cats back on it would make the car quieter too, but at a possible loss of power.
  16. i have spintech pro-streets with dumps. they are quiet (with no drone at all!!) at mid-rpm's and then when you gun it, they scream loud. even when the car is decelerating, they are quiet.
  17. I have stock headers, mac catted h and mac catback. Love the sound and just loud enough. If you like your o/r h, then headers, o/r h and stock mufflers sound pretty nice...
  18. I can say from experience - (Wife refused to ride with me until it was quieter) BORLA is the way to go. They make a catback that has the same appearance and sound as the stingers, but possess a different model number - PART # 14858. *Think of them as quiet stingers - the tone sounds the same - DEEP & Throaty throughout the rpm range and absolutely awesome at WOT. You also avoid that annoying cabin drone that typically occurs around 17-2200 rpm. They're a little pricy, but well worth it!! :D If you've not heard the Borla "tone" check out the '03 Stinger (as well as a slew of others) on this site...

    Hope this caught you in time!
  19. I picked my Magnaflow exhaust to achieve reasonable quietness ,good quality (SS) and power.Not much drone at all.Going with an offroad pipe vs.catted I hear adds to sound volume quite a bit.My second choice was Dynomax but I wasn't impressed with the quality and I read that with an offroad pipe (which I was considering at the time) and headers the drone increased a lot,which may not be true.