My Story And My Old New 72 Cougar Xr7.


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Jan 10, 2016
Hi! My story could be quite long, since I am an "old guy". :D I came into the US of A in 1982, as a 25-year old political refugee from communist Poland. My first car here was (of course) a Ford. It was a 1968 Ford Fairlane with 302 V8. Terrible shape, just beat-up used and abused car.


I had many other cars, some Japanese, some European and some American made. I even had (and still have) cars made by GM. :rlaugh: However cars I remember best where made by Ford. I had in the eighties a 72 Cougar and two brand new Mustangs GT: 1986 and 1987. (I loved that 87 model so much, I traded almost new 86 for it).



87 GT was supercharged and I missed it, but I had to sell it, when things where going tough. I also missed that 72 Cougar, which I had only for a year or so, but I was the most beautiful car I ever had.

Recently I found one just like that mine. Same color, same engine, only in much better shape. I have several other cars, but I had to have that one too. And since my wife missed that old Cougar too, she OK'd it and now it is in my garage. "Like new" 1972 Mercury Cougar XR7, with 88000 miles on the clock.




Why I am on a Mustang forum then? Not at Cougar's? Well... Mustangs are more popular and this Cougar's forums where not as friendly. I tried to post on one of them and I am waiting for admin approval of my post for several weeks now. I hope you can accept me here, since 67-73 Cougars are just a Mustangs with cat's body.
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