my subframe connectors (56K Killer)

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  1. Hi All! Well I snapped some subframe pics cause the car is up high due to putting in a new tranny. While it was up high, I thought maybe a few folks would like to see my home made subframe connectors. Total cost $14, along with some welding wire, welding gas, and time. They fit nice and snug up against the floor pan all the way through, they are pretty much hidden. They work awsome, gone is the squeaks from the interior, and the car doesn't twist anymore. BTW the quick grip is holding up my exhaust so I have room to work if anyone wonders what the heck is going on.
  2. Are they welded to the floorpan? If not, they were SO tight that I couldn't tell! ;)

    Great job!

  3. Very impressive. Did you need to re-route any brake lines or fuel lines?
  4. the only thing that had to be re-routed was the fuel line, but I was going to do that anyhow, so that's it. It's not welded to the floorpan, but you're giving me ideas.
  5. i could really use those for this spring:)
  6. I am retarded, where is the pic?
  7. i couldnt find it either, but the whole thought sounds sweet
  8. I'm suspecting that posted pics "go away" after a while. The original post was dated 07/08/03.

  9. Ok, I have uploaded pics to a different site, the quickgrip is holding up the exhaust pipes, as I have removed the mufflers to work on some stuff back when these photos were taken.





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  10. How did you bend it? I bought some pretty heavy duty box steel and it's tough, 1" x 2" - 1/8" sidewall.
  11. I didn't bend it, every bend was made by cutting and welding at angles. I did a stress test on a piece that I measured wrong, the welds are strong, I would say stronger than the parent metal, using my 22.5 ton press, the square tubing will distort and bend but the welds never gave.
  12. I see now. Very good work. I found some pretty detailed sites on how to do it the way you mentioned.

    Soon, very soon. :)
  13. jrCobra,
    could you list some of those detailed sites on making the subframe connectors you've found. thanks

  14. Sure, here ya go:

    Hope this helps. I've got the steel ready, just need some time off work to do the work. $13 for 2 sections of 64" length 1" x 2" - .125" steel is pretty good. $13 + a few dollars or lunch for a friend to weld them in for me is better than dishing out $100-150 plus cost of welding by a shop. I'll take the DIY route. ;)