My SYNC is so bad I will not buy another Ford

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  1. Let me start of by saying that except for the SYNC I love my 2012 Mustang Premium Convertible. The car has more than enough power, gets very good MPG, looks great, rides very well, handles better than I expected and overall I love the car.

    That said, because the SYNC system in my car is so bad I would not consider buying another Ford.

    I have an EVO 4G with the latest software and updates installed on it and the Sync also has the latest software update.

    The Sync consistently disconnects from the phone or does not find the phone when I enter the car. The Sync voice recognition also needs a great deal of improvement.

    I have removed the phone pairing from the Sync and the Sync from the phone and did a reverse pairing and the problems still exist.

    Since I am highly dependent on the phone because of my profession and the long periods of time I spend in the car, this is a major deal breaker in the future.

    No I have not gone back to the dealer after the fist time I had a problem because all they will do is what they did the first time and pair the phone to the car again.

    It pains me to say it but my next car will be either a Camaro, or an Audi A5 convertible.
  2. I understand and share your concerns. My wife has a 2011 Fusion and has similar problems. I have a 2010 Mustang and have never had any problems. Her software has been updated and Ford service seems to have no idea what to do. I have posted this before so I am not going into more detail. It is the Sync, not the devices. The devices all work fine on my car but not on hers.
    I also would hesitate before buying another Ford.
  3. Did you all buy the car because of sync? Do you have to have it? Is it an option or a standard feature? I personally couldn't care less about it since none of the other 20 cars I have ever owned had it. I can't believe people would be put off on an entire make of vehicles because some extra entertainment system didn't work on their vehicles. All the fancy computer electronic gizmos in cars are rushed through to get the sale. These systems are not made for cars and they haven't been around long enough to have all the bugs worked out yet. Not just Ford, I've been reading about it for years.
  4. You need to see if your phone is compatible with SYNC, there are only 25 choices that may be the issue.
  5. Very poor reply.

    Ford pushes Sync as being a superior technology in its advertising. That is a bunch of crap. To say that their are only 25 phones compatible begs the question. My phone works with every other car that has Bluetooth that I drive. If you intend to live on a reputation of superior technology and can't deliver to goods, you have to expect to loose customers and have people badmouth your product.

    This is a car with a MSRP of over $38,000 and it can't connect to a phone that has the most up to date Bluetooth standard and software. That tells me there is something dramatically wrong with the Ford technology.

    This is not anywhere near as complicated as sophisticated as electronic engine and emissions management, it is just a simple Bluetooth connectivity question.

    Ford has a poor product and will not get my consideration in the future.
  6. Ok bye. Hope your new hyundai's sync or whatever toy it has in the dashboard is AWESOME.
  7. Your Phone and SYNC

    Just because your phone's bluetooth connects with other devices doesn't mean it's compatible with ll the features of sync...that's ridiculous to even think so. Hell, just go here and look at compatible phones. they have a chart that gives ratings on phones and which phones are better than others at different features with the sync. It really doesn't seem like they are trying to imply that all phones work seamlessly with the system.
  8. It's probably your phone. Even though you spent good money on the latest and greatest droid based smartphone, you still ended up with a droid.

    My dads old phone had similar issues when hooked to his 2010 f150, the phone would get confused, drop calls, etc, etc. But since he got a new iPhone for his birthday all those issues went away. The lag time between the two has basically gone away, no dropped calls, hooks and stays hooked with no issues. You'd swear the two were made for each other. I can only assume since 2010. The sync system has been more refined, I can't imagine it got worse.

    P.S. This is all coming from a droid guy who got fed up with stupid crap like this and "downgraded" to the lesser capable iPhone.

    Hope this helps.
  9. I'll definitely buy another Ford. But it will have the "SYNC Delete" option! That simple...
  10. Yes it does have bugs and sure other manufacturers have blue tooth connectivity but cutting edge doesn't mean it's going to be compatible with every phone. Ford is working on it with Microsoft and permanent fix will be available within the next few months. I'd also like to point out for all the SYNC haters (I can't blame at this time) if SYNC was soooo bad then Toyota would not have licensed the technology for themselves. Toyota's new infotainment system is Ford's SYNC the only problem is they're going to get the fixed one and get all the credit for it while Ford has suffered all the black eyes. Lets see how the pro import media spins this.
  11. very simple fix is the get a phone that will work with SYNC....wife's older phone didnt work very well with snyc so she got a new phone and it works awesome
  12. Im not buying another Ford because my tires wore out too fast.

    The AM reception on my radio is terrible!

    Not to mention my cigarette lighter died after only 4 years.

    Oh ya, the paint on my wiper arms has faded. This is just unacceptable.

    Maybe Ill buy a Toyota, I hear they drive themselves really fast.

    No, I think I might get a Chevy so I can recoup some of my tax dollars.

    Better yet Ill get a 60,000 dollar BMW and mod it to beat Mustangs. I bet it has a great radio!
  13. I have a 2010 Fusion with Sync.......My 5 year old G'zOne flip phone works great with it. It will not display who is calling usually (displays unknown) since my phone is outdated, but it works great. Sometimes it will not connect if the car is already running when i bring the phone up to it. But I can't imagine Sync getting worse.....Its your phone bud, sorry to say it.....
  14. I just love all the fanboy answers. Ford sells a car that cost approximately $40,000, promotes it in advertising as having advanced and sophisticated technology designed to enhance your driving experience. The reality is the software is deficient and does not work with a phone that was available for a significant period time before the car and software were push out to the public.

    The problem is Fords and not the end users. The end user is entitled to a product that functions as advertised for its intended purpose.

    If Ford does not fix this problem and make the purchasers whole they are generating an enormous amount bad feeling with consumers and will pay a very heavy price in terms of lost sales.

    If Ford does not fix my problem they are loosing out on up to $200,000 in future sales. While that amount is insignificant by itself , when multiplied by hundreds or thousand of consumers the financial repercussions become VERY significant to the bottom line.
  15. 90% of my customers that come in for service don't use SYNC because they don't know how to use it, so while your argument would be valid if people bought stuff because they want it instead of buying it because its cool then maybe. By the way your phone most likely is the problem being the gen 1 SYNC system is almost bullet proof. I had to do software updates on a handful of those and the reason was bad phone or corrupt files in their MP3 players. :p This is America and its your choice if you want to buy a $63,000 M3 that performs identical to your $40,000 Mustang then go ahead, you're buying a car not an appliance it should be purchased for driving not a mobile office so instead of crying on here do some research and find out what the problem is be it SYNC software or your phone and solve it.
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    Update the software. Use a compatible phone. Go buy another brand if u want. The whining is getting old. Ford knows SYNC has problems. They are working to fix it. Most people like it. Their goal is to satisfy people like you. Enjoy the good. Its a radio FFS. When they make it perfect I expect to see you back here telling us how great SYNC is.
  17. What's wrong with just answering the telephone?

    Bluetooth/hands free is just a gimmick anyway, it's the mental distraction that's the problem, not driving with one many people 10 and 2 it when they aren't on the phone anyway?
  18. Fanboys wtf??? I guess that's the answer for people who don't agree with you.
  19. Obviously

    Judging from your lack of understanding it is obvious that you are the biological offspring of a brother and sister.