My T5 Rebuild Problem Help!

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  1. So last winter I decided to buy a T5 to rebuild. I did a lot of research and watch some videos. Took my time since I had all winter. Everything went well. Spring comes. I put it in everything is going great 1st 2nd 3rd 4th all good. I go to put it in 5th and it would grind. So I try again but very lightly and it goes in. Now I'm stressing. What I noticed was if the rpms are to high it will grind. If I shift at low rpm it goes in. Any help on why this is happening would be very very appreciated.
  2. What year is the T5?

    There is a right and wrong way to install the fifth gear slider.
    iirc, the beveled edge faces outward.

    Also, provide more info on your rebuild.
    year of t5, what rebuild kit you used, trans fluid, did it grind before the rebuild, ect...
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  3. What parts did you replace in the 5th gear assembly?

    Did you inspect the 5th gear slider, and the dog teeth on the gear? Replacing the brass blocker ring may not be enough if there is physical damage to the engagement teeth on the 5th gear, or the slider. If they are damaged, you may experience grinding.
  4. Probably have the slider in backwards. I would say that it could be a damaged slider like people have mentioned, but if it didn't have that problem before, then it's unlikely.

  5. I bought a rebuild kit. All new sliders. Input shaft and third gear.
    I'm pretty sure I put the fifth gear slider on right. When the engine is off it goes into fifth pretty smoothly.
  6. What fluid are you running?
  7. The trans is from an 88, so I used what was recommended from auto parts store. I don't remember what it was.
  8. I just found this on another thread.

    T5 grind into 5th problem

    Dragging this back from the dead because I had the same problem and fixed it. I rebuilt my T5 (1990 305 model, WC) which included replacing the 5th gear brass syncro. yes there is one. Freshly rebuilt it would grind going into 5th over 2000 rpm. I discussed the problem with two transmission shops and they both told me the same thing, the cone the brass syncro ring runs against on the 5th gear needs to be "prepped" when rebuilding. It becomes highly polished over time and the syncro will no longer grab on it. One shop said to use 120 grit emery paper and the other said to use 600 grit emery paper. I took mine back apart and rubbed 320 grit emery paper across the face of the cone to remove the shine, replaced the brass syncro ring just in case, and reassembled it. Now it works great no grinding at all.