My take on a 2.3L cold air intake kit...on my '93 Fox

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  1. Well, first off, I'm new I thought I'd share something different with my first tech post.

    While I'm building a 2.3t for this beast, I wanted something to help free up a few ponies and mpg's. The obvious fix to me was to install a cold air and eliminate the restrictive air silencer setup.

    Here's what I did:
    1. Took apart the stock system and took necessary measurements.
    2. Got my hands on a 3" diameter 45 degree and a 3" 90 degree aluminum intake tube.
    3. Ordered up some 2.5-3" intake couplers with clamps and a 3" coupler with clamps.
    4. Modeled up the components I needed to attach a cone filter to the MAF sensor while keeping the other stock sensor and vacuum line in tact utilizing Alibre. These consisted of a spacer and a flange.
    5. Wrote a lil CNC code and cut the parts I modeled from 2 blocks of 6061 T6 aluminum.
    6. Pressed in a piece of 3/16 brass tube for the stock vacuum line and tapped the other hole for the pre MAF sensor.
    7. Bolted all the parts together and here's what I ended up with comparing to stock.

    Thanks for looking...more mods to come including a ranger header and a T5 swap.


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  2. 2.3 air

    I see you have a great idea for the cold air - you could share the code or better yet - cut a few of those blocks - add some good install pics - and make a little package to help others.
    What do you think of that?
  3. I would love to have one of these set ups !!!! I agree w/Riceski that you should make a few (since no one else makes them for 2.3)
  4. that looks good, I wish I had access to a CNC machine...

  5. Thanks guys. I've been driving this setup a few weeks now that I got my orings in for the spacer and it makes a very noticeable difference. I am going to make a few spare sets and already have the spare hardware and orings for a few kits.

    I did discover a blown transmission mount and toasted motor mounts...and am having trouble finding motor mounts for this thing.
  6. Gimme a price and Ill pay for the CAI, I don't care what it is... I don't have the know-how to build one myself, and am getting VERY cranky at a lack of parts for this motor.
  7. Pretty nice, but I'd like to see somebody come up with like a shaker or something. I love how you put all that work into it and got something that works. CAI's are just turning into the norm. It does look better than most and is probably the cleanest home-built I've ever seen.
  8. no kidding

    No kidding its way difficult to find parts..
    any who.. great work, wouldnt mind getting one of those...:nice::nice:
  9. Looks better than pvc pipe.
  10. LOL Cro you old dog long time no see..... You still got the old stang?

    I did something like this when I was in college I took an old MAF and milled it down in a lathe.

  11. I know this is a downer, BUT...

    It looks to me like the "CAI" replaced the stock cold air intake with what is actually a hot air intake. The stock airbox was drawing air from outside the fender. The new one has the filter sitting in the engine bay getting hot air from the radiator. On top of that, the MAF was the biggest "restriction" and it's still there.
  12. there was a big reducer on there after the MAF to thou. I think there would be more air flow goin to the engine after you put the CAI on regardless of if you use the stock MAF. yah there may be heat from the radiator but how hot do you think it gets inside the airbox from the same heat from the rad im sure it'll still be cooler with the CAI. You can also put the CAI filter lower or into the fender. I think you can use CAI kits for the 94 V6 stang on the foxes i was looking at pictures of it and you can probably bolt it right onto the MAF. From my understanding if someone can built a piece that isnt as restrictive as the stock MAF all you would have to do is make sure the sample tube to the sensor is the same size as the stock one.
  13. it takes know effort what so ever to built that part to bolt onto the MAF i built it in about a half hour all that took time was measuring. if you have access to a drill press, oxy acetylene or plasma cutter, a welder, and a grinder you should be able to make it. you could probably go to a welding shop and find junk pieces to make it like i did. ill put some pics up at a later point in time
  14. looks nice. and nice work !