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  1. Actually I have had 3 user names on here. JTJRacing, then had it changed to JTJRacing502 which I couldnt remember my password and email doesnt exist any longer,thus starting my current name of Jayber which I use on over 15 different websites.
    Its no biggy to be cautious but to assume I was out to rip someone just because I was "new" isnt right.
    Luckliy for me Ive done THOUSANDS of transactions on the web since 1999 and Ive only had 3 bad transactions. (all of them with me being the buyer not the seller and me getting the shaft)
    Like I said no hard feelings on my part and if this guy doesnt wanna do any business thats fine also. I sell alot and buy alot and Im sure it will sell to someone eventually. You guys have a good evening. Jayber out
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  3. I agree. Just because he's new he shouldn't be assumed bad, everyone has to start sooner or laters. Now the part that would scare me off is the fact that a seller has had three different names in 4-5 years. That is like a new name every 1.3 years which makes me wonder why.

    Now as for the positive feed back go, that don't mean nothing either. There was a guy with over a houndred positive feed backs taht started selling old potary on ebay. He had pics of every pice he sold and they looked in great shape. Well his history showed great so every pice sold totaling around 40k. Well people didn't look through the things this guy sold that was crap like nickel and dime stuff that wouldn't total over 200.00. After a month goes by no one got there goods and this guy xcl his ebay and actualy moved to a new home. It took the people and ebay a year I think to get everyones money back.
  4. OK Ill explain.

    First username was for about a year. Then I had it changed by Stangnet to JTJRacing502. It is still in the membership from 2002 I think. I then was limited to internet usage and didnt come here for awhile. Now I come back and I cant remember the password and no way of having it emailed to me beings the email no longer exists.
    Hope I dont scare anyone away.
    Every part I sell comes with a warranty and I ALWAYS provide pictures of the part if requested. I like using Paypal to buy and sell beings it helps protect from scammers!!
  5. Maybe one of the moderators can help you out on the password situation. I didn't mean to offend you though.

    Have Faith Pro-Hawk!!!!! Classic Crovax there
  6. You need Jesus. The bible says he's good or something. I'm sure it's there somwhere. And you don't have to read it because THE BIBLE SAYS! YES IT TALKS!
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