My Turbo Education:

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  1. I started building the header today. got all tubes started,... but before I get too far ahead, ( and screw something up) I have to wait until the turbo is in my hands to be sure it'll fit where I want it to.

    I will say the using that thick assed tubing has its pro's and cons.... its easier to butt weld such thick wall tubing but,......... at .145 wall thickness, you have to bevel the p iss outta the stuff to get good weld penetration.
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  2. sry to hi jack the thread but thanks for all the kind words

    F8tl... when that time comes just give me a shout, i dont usually visit this forum, i was asked to stop in to give a little advice so here i am

    im usually on the tuning forum
  3. I always found it easier when welding tubing together to leave a small gap (maybe 1/16-1/8 inch) in between the tubes so you don't have to bevel them.
  4. I will be sure to do that. I do not frequent the tuning forum as much as I should. What happened to eectuning? Did everyone transfer to your site?
  5. Well I'm grinding the welds back down to flush when finished, (cause I want them to be all pretty),..... so beveling the weld joint insures I got plenty holding the weld together when its smooth.
  6. I totally agree with what you are saying but the way I do it the welds get penetration and normally stay pretty flat if you have the welder set up correctly. Just another idea I figured I would share. Have fun with it. I will hopefully be doing some of this soon. I have all of the hot side done already, but I am sure modifications will be made for the wastegate.