My turbo install, part I

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  1. Actually room between the radiator and intercooler wasn't my concern based on the picture; it's 1) allowing a big enough volume of cool air to hit the entire area of the intercooler and 2) having a big enough radiator to deal with the fact that the air now entering it is going to be MUCH warmer having just come through the intercooler. Did you run some heat transfer numbers to see if you've got enough radiator capacity for sustained high speed running? As you seem to know, the cooling issues are entirely different for sustained high speed running than they are for street/strip use. Looks like it's gonna be fun though!
  2. Its a 3 core aluminum rad. Like I said, I'm not sure, I will have to see how everything reacts to the new setup. I may have miss informed you by my statement. I'm talking about MPH not ET as in, I don't care how much wheel spin I get, I'm not looking for the fastest time, for me its all about the MPH in the 1/4. I may have to creat more room. Who knows :shrug:

  3. My error - I thought earlier in the thread you commented on 'top speed' being important, as opposed to trap speed; I concluded you were trying to build a top speed bandit. In any event, the air entering the radiator will be much warmer than it was before you put the intercooler in front of it. That means your radiator won't be capable of transferring as much heat as it was before. The harder you run the car, the worse the issue gets because 1) the engine will put out more heat and 2) the air coming off the intercooler will get warmer. As you said - it's something to watch for when you start running the car. Good luck with it Brad....
  4. You'll have to make sure you have traction though because wheel spin will kill your ET and your MPH.
  5. hook yourself a nitrous spray bar in front of the intercooler and radiator...possibilility, if u had money to burn
  6. Hey sirsureshot39,

    have you seen the vids of this car?

    There is a guy I've been following that has a similar setup as me that is pushing 570rwhp on 15lbs boost on race gas and 670rwhp at 20lbs. He ran [email protected] on ET streets. Stock bottom end and T5 :eek:

    Here is a link to his car Mustang Cobra - Anthony Dickson.htm

    A couple vids of him as well Run.avi

    I have a slightly bigger turbo, better heads and a better intake. You still think you could whoop my ass :D j/k.
  7. Stock bottom end in a stock block?? Holy smokes!!
    Once you get it tuned, turn the boost up and let me know...
    Let me check those vids out.
  8. yea iv seen that car before, truly insane...Good luck man. My current combo is DE-tuned because of the stock block. Joe, mustang magic tuner, said he could have pulled 600hp out of it if he wanted, but for safety reasons, i opted for NOT doing it. Im sure uv heard my car only get driven once a week, and very gently to. Im trying to preserve the internals as best as possible for the block upgrade coming soon. Then ill turn everything up.

    here some pics of my small stock pile at home, getting installed today,hopefully..

  9. I'm just buggin :nice:

    I have no plans on running more then 9lbs of boost. I need the car to last for this summer. Next spring will be a different story though. 331 stroker in a Dart block and a T-56 or the new TKO tranny. Then 600rwhp won't be a problem. I'm not looking to build a drag car. I like the twisties too much. :D

  10. i agree about the twisties..Thats why iv got the road race coil overs/springs on my ride...well see how they react the new suspension.
  11. love the choice man.... im actually in the process of doing the same thing to go in my 91 coupe. already got the t56 in and i love it.... now just to finish up the damn motor... but, bein in college sort of slows down my cash flow, so it may be a while. ive a nice little start on it though: dart block, scat crank, manley h beam rods, probe pistons, and a set of afr 225's. main difference with my set up is im going twin turbo. i love it man.
    91 coupe: viper t56, bassani off road x pipe, bbk shorties, mac pro dumps, bbk fenderwell cold air, c&l mass air, msd 6al, frpp 3.73

    coming: frpp cobra brake kit (sitting at home, waitin for summer break from school), twin turbo 331, accel gen 7 dfi.... and much much more......

    77 f150: 351m, lunati cam, msd distributor, edelbrock performer intake, holley carb, 6 inch skyjacker lift, 35x12.50 pro comp tires
  12. Wow, that sounds like quite the setup. I won't be going that extreme. All I have left for next year is the Dart block, stroker kit and tranny.

    Any pics of your car?

  13. yeah, heres a pic of it before i did the pro dumps, not the greatest pic, but hey, it works..... none of my motor yet... gotta go home....
  14. So I got the car back today. It hasn't been tuned yet and its running pig rich. The exhaust from the y-pipe back leaks everywhere. I'm heading to the exhaust shop tomorrow morning to get a set of Magnaflows put on the car and modify everything so she fits good and tight and nice and straight. The car would die each time I came up to a light, just wouldn't idle at all. It goes onto the dyno this Sunday. Here are a couple teaser vids, I made these with my digital camera so the quality is terrible. One thing I was blown away with was just how loud the turbo is :shocked: even just taking off from a stop it spooled and so loud. I got into it a little bit just to hear the turbo and my god does it scream. I can't wait to get it tuned this Sunday.:D

    A pic of the motor at the car wash.
  15. You keep showing pics of that beautiful battery hold down tray and top cover. Where did U get that?? I love it and want one!!
  16. Like those Cobalt gauges Brad! Too bad you couldn't really get on it so we could hear that turbo scream too...
  17. Trust me, its just my ****ty digital camera. The turbo was spooling so loud in those videos it sounded like a big Mac truck outside LOL. I will get some better video soon.

  18. I can't watch the videos till I get home.. Damn what a tease.
  19. ever get any more vids? dyno #s? 1/4 mile times?